May 28, 2007

Tout Seule

May 22: noone has posted on any of our blogs for four days, it's getting lonely.
May 25: don't know how long i can hang on by myself, all i can do is try.
May 27: still no sign of an intellegent conversation, i'm beginning to hear voices in my head.
May 28: caught myself singing One Is The Loneliest Number today, its getting worse.
May 30: I truly must find someone to talk too, the voices are growing restless.
June 1: I wondered today if writing this journal was worth it, knowing that noone might find it.
June 4: All hope of a debate has fled from me, not much time left.
June 6: I haven't been witty for 8 days, it's so cold.
June 9: I fear i am going savage, and i will no longer be able to write in this........

May 23, 2007

Groupies wanted

how does one aquire a steady following? because i REALLY need some other reason to get on here then to vent my occasional problems to empty cyberspace:D

May 12, 2007


Brent just ate a cookie, Brent is much happy.

May 2, 2007


Schools out in 5ish weeks, i am much happy. yet what will come after, sweltering heat and an unfulfilling job at Hanely's Corner Shoppe. yippee, so what are we doin today dad? Movin funiture. Okay, how about tomarrow? Deliverin furniture. I see, and the next day? Pickin up more furniture. :D I've got a great life:D