October 14, 2009

The Decline of the Human Race Begins Now...

so i'm watchin tv with my roomie, and theres this new show that comes on, Secret Girlfriend. its shot from the first-person perspective, highly sexual, and the intro begins with "this is your life, these are your friends... As soon as i heard this i jumped up off my bed and yelled "THIS MUST BE BLOGGED!" this show is obviously the first step on the slippery road to destruction. and how do i know this you ask? BECAUSE IT DIRECTLY PARALLELS FAHRENHEIT 451! think, lcd and plasma and laser screens now allow us to make wall sized images. now we have the television programing that can provide us with the 3-wall family effect, and don't even try telling me we can't make the robo dogs Link these things are going to be hunting down book readers in no-time, i'm tellin ya.

October 11, 2009

Also, Big Clocks

Birthday Presents tend to be awesome :D

plus the shiksa has introduced me to a sweet bookstore, which makes me very happy.

Holy Craptards!

I went to Cleveland today to watch Shakespeare's Twelfth Night (which was awesome) but before the play started a guy got on stage and said he had a friend that he wanted to introduce, and onto the stage from the seats stepped TOM HANKS. Tom Hanks was sitting in a theater with me and stood 20 feet away. i was like "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!" *arms lifted in praise here* Now i can say that i have seen someone famous and i am content :D

August 25, 2009


so this is what college is like? okay.

my first few days have gone smoothly. the cafeteria food is AWESOME and all u can eat. the campus is beautiful this time of year, but the hills are killing me. I'm still waiting on a couple of books, which is starting to annoy, but they should be here soon. I can't wait to start working.
and also worthy of note, Frank Warren, the guy who made Post Secret will be here sometime this winter, which is really cool, i just know some of you like PS

August 5, 2009


got shots today in preparation for school, after being sent to the wrong address... twice.
after that it was to an auction, which i was none too happy about, then to my sister's, swept the floor, changed lightbulbs, and home. i slept alot today. applied for a job. ate a burrito. made a grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwiche the other day when it was recommended by a friend. other than that its just been alot of waiting and music and sleep.

dag out

July 25, 2009

okay, so working on the basis that vampires can live forever, i had a thought...

Space Vampires

yes, years from now when space travel has become an affordable and viable option for humans, vampires will surely migrate out into the vast unknown with the rest of us mortals to the colonies of tomorrow, and this makes me mad. not because they will continue their blood sucking ways, not because they will terrify the far-flung outposts of space. not because spaceships will be found floating aimlessly through space with no passengers onboard like the Demeter. no, i'll be mad because i'll be dead by then and the vampires of today will get to run around in space as much as they want, living MY dream. well, maybe not 'living' my dream, but you get it...

July 21, 2009

I was watching episodes of ALF, and i thought of a great question to ask, and i considered writing it down just so i wouldn't forget what it was. And now i've forgotten what it was.

anyways, i just realized that its been a really long time since i made a comic, i'll have to think of something.

also, i'm working on an Acer Aspire 3100, and there is an annoying problem with it. the cd/dvd drive does not appear in the my computer page, and cds/dvds don't play when i put them in the drive. it sounds like it spins when i put them in, but then it stops and nothing happens. any suggestions? thx

dag out

June 6, 2009

Catch up...

okay, i haven't posted for so long because i've been insanely busy lately, but now i have a moment and we can try to fill in the gap.

let's see, the trip to Washington was wonderful, with some minor disappointments.
sweet monuments
free smart car trolley rides
appearing in the hotel lobby and the Pentagon Mall in my Jedi outfit.
Arlington and the Changing of the Gaurd
free Einstein bagels
free games in the ESPN zone
free stuff in general
the zoo
the hotel and everything about it, it was small, there were too many of us per room, the tv was too old to play our xbox, the expensive adapter that we bought would have worked if the idiot maintenance staff would have let me use the coaxial cable that they had offered me earlier (their excuse was "it would break the smartcard, BS!"), they were "out" of pillows, then a girl from our class (hi coco, sorry to use oasis's name but i have to speak in code) got a cot by speaking spanish to a maid, and when one of the guys from our room asked for a cot, they said "we don't offer cots here", and the free wireless internet that was advertised outside would have required either a king suite or 10 dollars a day. it was just a crappy hotel altogether.

Graduation will be covered in the next post.

May 16, 2009


okay, about prom...

Friday was my senior prom, and i had lots of fun. To begin, we got out of school early, after which I went to the store. from there i went to a friend who happened to have a gentleman's cane that i could borrow. Cane in hand, i returned to the store, where i found the top hat another friend had dropped off for me, and finally my costume was complete. from top down went: sweet top hat (with ace of spades to be added later), a white dress shirt with my uncle's cuff links, over that a black and grey striped vest (fake pockets, so no gold chain :( ), the tux jacket was my dad's, and it was so cool (coat-tails are cool in my book), dress pants with a belt that needs to be replaced soon ( when asked about it, i said that i love that belt, which my friend said was a sign it needs to go), and my bill blass dress shoes (which i forgot to shine, but are sooo comfy for dress shoes). During the promenade i escorted no less than three girls (two friends who thought it would be funny to have a girl on each arm, and the last was because i was on prom court). All went well and the court was on the risers when it was announced that i would be the prom king. YAY ME! the rest of the dance was good, i got many congradulations and lots of compliments on my tux (i will try to upload pics.) Prom to Dawn involved sleeping on crash mats on the elementary stage, and all too soon we were waking up to go to Cedar Point. Noted that sleeping on a charter bus is hardly more comfortable than sleeping on mats, we finally made it to CP. We rode the Raptor, then the Magnum XL 200, and then 6 of us played 18 holes of miniture golf ( i finished with a fifty, not to bad). Then it started raining and all the rides closed, so we waited in some shops till it was time to get back on the bus, where i quickly fell asleep. woke up to get food at a rest stop (since when is a McChicken $1.75? thats extortion is what it is!), was told i looked like death, and back on the bus it was. finally got home at 11ish and now i get to wake up in the morning, go to church, come back home to pack, do the sports banquet at 4, drop off my stuff at the school for a bag check and be back there at 5 a.m. monday morning to leave for the senior trip to D.C.!!!!!

April 19, 2009


guess who just got elected to prom court. MOI!
and who gets to wear a sweet tux from his dad? MOI!
and who is made of pure awesome? MOI!
and who can't catch a baseball? um... moi unfortunetly, but hey we can't all be perfect.

March 30, 2009

how you all doing?

so, i'm finally posting again, lets see, what is going on with me...
just got my Red Cross donor card which i've been waiting on for weeks.
just read a book called Mortal Engines, which was really good, i eagerly await the next 3 books.
scholarship applications piss me off.
deadlines piss me off too.
holy crap i'm a senior and i have 40 days of school left! AAHHH!
unfortunetly, being a senior is bleeding me dry. i needs a job.
the play this year is actually going pretty well, and i sorta know my lines well, yay me!

February 22, 2009

there must be something better...

okay, it's 12:42 and i just finished reading Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World"

the only question now is...


AAAAAAAAGGGGHHHHHHHH, my brains, they is mushed!!!!

February 17, 2009


Tact, just when you think you've got it, BAM! nope, not you, ya jerk!

February 3, 2009

Need Helps!

okay, so when we went to New York, we ate at the Medieval Times place, and now the teacher wants us to make a presentation like thing. so me and 3 other guys need ideas as to how we can impersonate a large scale, full contact, totally amazing, professional re-enactment troupe. i'm posting this in the off chance that someone out there still looks at this blog, so if you've got an idea, i'd love to hear it :D thaky all


January 11, 2009

Warning: Firefly Fan

so i was looking for a movie to rent and a cover catches my eye. i stop, read the title, read it again, then start jumping up and down and perhaps squeeling quietly, i don't remember. anyways i finally found the movie Serenity, rented it, got home, watched it, watched the bonus features, watched it again with commentary, and am now posting at 3 am. in total, IT WAS AMAZING, WHY DID WASH HAVE TO DIE!!? I UNDERSTAND THAT WASH HAD TO DIE. WHAT DID SIMON INJECT MAL WITH IN THE BEGINNING OF THE MOVIE, WHY WASN'T SHEPARD BOOK IN IT MORE. WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO THE BLUE GLOVES. HOW IS IT THAT REAVERS make new reavers?(i remember an episode where one victim became a reaver, but how did it happen? the movie sites a drug, but how could contact with the reavers cause the body to manufacture a complex chemical?) why isn't there more of this, how could FOX (the company) be so stupid. BAH, SO GOOD! and the music, i love the mix that it is made of, and at the very end of the credits, the theme, which i was waiting for the whole movie.

also, i got my varsity jacket friday, so maybe if i'm feeling crazy i'll post some pics.

Dag out!

January 5, 2009

oh, hai

are you serious? Nov. 16 was my last post, okay thats just lame on my part.
where to start, um, vacation i guess. it was possibly the longest Christmas vacation i've ever had and that was good. the not having much to do part? not so good.
Christmas and New years was nice but mellow, which was just fine by me. after that i FINALLY got some time with my gf, which was long overdue. we watched Yes Man, which was very funny, then walked around the mall as it was closing. standing in fye and hearing the sound of a gate closing behind you = ominous. so after walking UNAUTHORIZED through an authorized personnel only hallway :D we got some arby's, drove home, found a light, decided whether the water was frozen or not, and all was great. sunday rolls around, was slated to work at a live nativity, but wait what's this, my friends want me to go to their house to play Call of Duty multiplayer with them and get out of going with the family for the rest of the night? SWEET! and then i totally pwned them in the 2 on 1 matches (they with rifles, me with PPSH, thems the rules) that was pure awesome. now its back to school for this poor fool.