May 16, 2009


okay, about prom...

Friday was my senior prom, and i had lots of fun. To begin, we got out of school early, after which I went to the store. from there i went to a friend who happened to have a gentleman's cane that i could borrow. Cane in hand, i returned to the store, where i found the top hat another friend had dropped off for me, and finally my costume was complete. from top down went: sweet top hat (with ace of spades to be added later), a white dress shirt with my uncle's cuff links, over that a black and grey striped vest (fake pockets, so no gold chain :( ), the tux jacket was my dad's, and it was so cool (coat-tails are cool in my book), dress pants with a belt that needs to be replaced soon ( when asked about it, i said that i love that belt, which my friend said was a sign it needs to go), and my bill blass dress shoes (which i forgot to shine, but are sooo comfy for dress shoes). During the promenade i escorted no less than three girls (two friends who thought it would be funny to have a girl on each arm, and the last was because i was on prom court). All went well and the court was on the risers when it was announced that i would be the prom king. YAY ME! the rest of the dance was good, i got many congradulations and lots of compliments on my tux (i will try to upload pics.) Prom to Dawn involved sleeping on crash mats on the elementary stage, and all too soon we were waking up to go to Cedar Point. Noted that sleeping on a charter bus is hardly more comfortable than sleeping on mats, we finally made it to CP. We rode the Raptor, then the Magnum XL 200, and then 6 of us played 18 holes of miniture golf ( i finished with a fifty, not to bad). Then it started raining and all the rides closed, so we waited in some shops till it was time to get back on the bus, where i quickly fell asleep. woke up to get food at a rest stop (since when is a McChicken $1.75? thats extortion is what it is!), was told i looked like death, and back on the bus it was. finally got home at 11ish and now i get to wake up in the morning, go to church, come back home to pack, do the sports banquet at 4, drop off my stuff at the school for a bag check and be back there at 5 a.m. monday morning to leave for the senior trip to D.C.!!!!!