June 24, 2007

Just for you Daum :D

right, don't know if you heard or not, but Penny Arcade is coming out with a video game called "On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness: Episode One, can't talk about it now, but there is also a contest/sweepstakes like thing going on. by sending an e-mail with "Penny Arcade FTW!" in the subject line to contests@pcgamer.com and including your full name, age, phone number, and mailing address, 10 winners will get signed copies of Volumes 1 2 and 3 of the Penny Arcade Books, 2 limited edition laser celsof PA art (whatever laser cels are) and a 5 DVD sef of the PAX 2005 documentary but on GRAND PRIZE WINNER cough* Daum*cough will fly to PAX 2007 in Seattle (yea! megin is itching to go back) to meet Gabe and Tycho and you'll be drawn in Penny Arcade style and live on forevver as a character in Penny Arcade Avdventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness Epi. II. plus bragging rights.

got to go, will go into details later, contest ends July 5 2007 One person per household per month. seeya

The Princess, is she... hot?!

k, so i found this HILARIOUS zelda spoof on you tube. if you watch it, be forewarned, it is fairly perverted and may include some adult themes and launguage. but it's worth it :D

also, i recommend watching any of the Monty Python Flying Circus and Holy Grail scits, done
a la Halo and Halo 2. just look up ,Monty Python How not to be seen halo, and run with it from there, related scits in the bar to the bottom right. HAVE FUN :Dp

June 23, 2007

MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! i couldn't resist :D

June 22, 2007


Well, for the sake of staying updated, i have to write something. but what? oh, guess what, i'm wearing sweat pants. Fascinating isn't it. i don't think i've owned a pair of swearpants for years, but here i am, wearing them. yep. i have officially run out of things to write about :D I guess i haven't really talked about my trip to Tennessee yet. So we know this retired priest that was moving to Tenn. and he was a good friend of ours, he and dad would always rag on each other and it was funny. so dad offers to move him with our boxtruck, and while we're down there we'll take a week of vacation, this happens often, dad rolls work into vacation. the day before we were to leave, we went over to Fr. Ron's (the priest) to load up. we brought the boxtruck, an enclosed trailer, the Avalanche, and Fr.'s pick-up. With two workers, me, mom and dad, and the kids(who weren't much help) it took all day and several hours the next day to pack it all, and it was packed to the hilt, everything was packed to the ceiling, we had stuff strapped to the top of the Avalanche, and the boxtruck could hardly clear 55mph up and down all the hills to the interstate. he also had two chickens, who we put in a dog kennel which was also put on top of the Avalanche. And so it began. we stopped in West Virginia for gas and when we got out of the truck, the rooster started up. COCKADOODLE DOO! people were lookin at us and we were laughing. some 8 hours or so later, we finally arrived at his new house, dragged out the essentials and fell asleep on the floor. The next day some of Fr.'s friends came over helped us unload. Thankfully, unpacking was much easier than packing. that night, Andy(one of the friends) came back and we had spare ribs, which was the first time i had had them, and they were good. I was going around singing "I want my baby back, baby back, baby back, baby back, baby back, baby back, baby back ribs!" lol. The next day we said good bye and took off, this time to the west. several hours later(in which i was driving the boxtruck) we arrived in Fairfield Tenn. where my Aunt Pat has a house. we would be spending the rest of the week here while visiting with my other Aunt Sue. it was in one of those like retirement neighborhoods, and it had some stupid rules, but it was nice. we rented a pontoon boat and went swimming in the lake and the swimming pool and i got a little bit burnt. and some guy who worked there tried to get dad to eat a fried pickle :D Finally we left back north, but we went through Kentucky to Ohio, to go to my cousin's (second cousin actually) graduation party. It was fun, we ate and played games and talked, ooohh, and there was a tank outside since it was an American Legion hall, and it was pretty, i got pictures on my phone. My guess is that it was packing twin Bofer 40mm anti aircraft guns on the turret with two brackets for 30 cal. Browning machine guns. It was pretty :D I also got to see my Godfather Stevie who i haven't seen for some time. Unfortunetly, he got burned badly recently, something to do with burning something at work and it exploded. he had 2nd degree burns from what i hear, but he must have been recovering well, because it looked like he just had a bad sunburn. then we stopped over to see my aunt Helen and uncle Paul, who aren't doing to well unfortunetly. Finally we were headed back east for home. Somewhere close to the border, we stopped at a Kwik Fill so everyone could go to the bathroom, and while Derek was in line, some black guy came up who had to go, so he and Derek played rock paper scissors to see who would go next. they played best outa 3 two times and Derek won both times, it was hilarious. the guy was funny too, so finally he said "Aight, i really gotta go, so i'm just going out back" so funny :D we didn't get home till midnight so we went to bed. and there you go, that was my vacation.

June 18, 2007

Poetry that makes me cry

i just got an email from my girlfriend in Florida (have i mentioned that i have a girlfriend? i don't remember) and she wrote a poem to me.it made me sad and happy, i already hate long distance relationships and she's only been gone a week :D i will type it for you now...

We choose to stay together
Even though we're far apart,
Joined by the strong tether
Of the longings of the heart.
We could not face the pain
That giving up would bring,
And so we must sustain
Our love despite our suffering.
You are my sovereign prince,
Whom I will not betray,
Nor be your subject any less
Because you're far away.
Though rivers run as swift as deer
And mountains turn to dust,
I'll wait as year gives way to year
Because I simply must.