September 12, 2010


So i was driving home after work last night, its not far and i was in no hurry, i'm just cruising along right at the posted limit and there's a car behind me. he gets really up close and i said to the rearview mirror, "Hey man, i'm just doing the speed limit..." IMMEDIATELY after i said that, red and blue lights in my mirror. I was like....
I pull off the road and my mind was racing. i've never been driving and seen lights in my window before, "Was i speeding? was i going to slow? am i driving erratically? do i have a taillight out? are my plates expired? AHHHHH!"
and then the cop just blows by me, and takes the left i was just going to take at the light.
i was like 0.o
i was so freaked out and so relieved at the same time.