October 14, 2009

The Decline of the Human Race Begins Now...

so i'm watchin tv with my roomie, and theres this new show that comes on, Secret Girlfriend. its shot from the first-person perspective, highly sexual, and the intro begins with "this is your life, these are your friends... As soon as i heard this i jumped up off my bed and yelled "THIS MUST BE BLOGGED!" this show is obviously the first step on the slippery road to destruction. and how do i know this you ask? BECAUSE IT DIRECTLY PARALLELS FAHRENHEIT 451! think, lcd and plasma and laser screens now allow us to make wall sized images. now we have the television programing that can provide us with the 3-wall family effect, and don't even try telling me we can't make the robo dogs Link these things are going to be hunting down book readers in no-time, i'm tellin ya.

October 11, 2009

Also, Big Clocks

Birthday Presents tend to be awesome :D

plus the shiksa has introduced me to a sweet bookstore, which makes me very happy.

Holy Craptards!

I went to Cleveland today to watch Shakespeare's Twelfth Night (which was awesome) but before the play started a guy got on stage and said he had a friend that he wanted to introduce, and onto the stage from the seats stepped TOM HANKS. Tom Hanks was sitting in a theater with me and stood 20 feet away. i was like "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!" *arms lifted in praise here* Now i can say that i have seen someone famous and i am content :D