July 25, 2009

okay, so working on the basis that vampires can live forever, i had a thought...

Space Vampires

yes, years from now when space travel has become an affordable and viable option for humans, vampires will surely migrate out into the vast unknown with the rest of us mortals to the colonies of tomorrow, and this makes me mad. not because they will continue their blood sucking ways, not because they will terrify the far-flung outposts of space. not because spaceships will be found floating aimlessly through space with no passengers onboard like the Demeter. no, i'll be mad because i'll be dead by then and the vampires of today will get to run around in space as much as they want, living MY dream. well, maybe not 'living' my dream, but you get it...

July 21, 2009

I was watching episodes of ALF, and i thought of a great question to ask, and i considered writing it down just so i wouldn't forget what it was. And now i've forgotten what it was.

anyways, i just realized that its been a really long time since i made a comic, i'll have to think of something.

also, i'm working on an Acer Aspire 3100, and there is an annoying problem with it. the cd/dvd drive does not appear in the my computer page, and cds/dvds don't play when i put them in the drive. it sounds like it spins when i put them in, but then it stops and nothing happens. any suggestions? thx

dag out