November 15, 2011

There is a band in my house.


November 4, 2011

So i've finally got my camera to work, and i've taken a couple pictures of my pet project in it's infant form. Technically this is the Mark II, since Nojim decided that the first rendition was rubbish and summarily disposed of it. I've certainly made some mistakes with it, but that's what art is right (the original green front hub shattering in my hands wasn't a desired result)? There is still much to do before it nears completion. I'm still assembling the electronic bits and working out how to install the led's. once that is done, the rods that surround the pitcher "glow-y bit" will need glued on, and I need to find new rods to make the three forward arms out of, as i've misplaced the old ones. After that (or perhaps before, i'm not quite sure which is better) the opaque parts will need spray painted so that our hero won't be running around fighting off zombies with a clown's prop. However, I am pleased with where this seems to be heading. Enjoy this small sneak peak :D