August 25, 2009


so this is what college is like? okay.

my first few days have gone smoothly. the cafeteria food is AWESOME and all u can eat. the campus is beautiful this time of year, but the hills are killing me. I'm still waiting on a couple of books, which is starting to annoy, but they should be here soon. I can't wait to start working.
and also worthy of note, Frank Warren, the guy who made Post Secret will be here sometime this winter, which is really cool, i just know some of you like PS

August 5, 2009


got shots today in preparation for school, after being sent to the wrong address... twice.
after that it was to an auction, which i was none too happy about, then to my sister's, swept the floor, changed lightbulbs, and home. i slept alot today. applied for a job. ate a burrito. made a grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwiche the other day when it was recommended by a friend. other than that its just been alot of waiting and music and sleep.

dag out