July 26, 2008


i just got me a new mp3 player, 2 gig, 2.5in screen, its called a zodiac, and i think i like it, though i'm just breaking it in :D

July 21, 2008

okay, i've been gone almost all week running all over the place, mostly watching derek play baseball ( his team just won sections, and they are advancing to states level next) but i am so bored like lately, though i am excited for the trip coming up :)
lately the laptop i have nothing else to talk about, but i do have an idea for a new comic, so i guess i'll go work on that now :D
Dag Out!

July 15, 2008

home at last

okay, so its 12:50, i'm about to go to bed, and the thing is that this is the first time i'll actually be sleeping in my own bed for like a week! i've been stuck at the store day and night for too long, but now i have my victory! i will sleep in my bed, and it will be a sweet, wonderful sleep... till i have to wake up at six to go to the golf course to help out my team loading the women's league's carts :D

btw, i am about halfway through watching Firefly, and i have come to know that it is awesome indeed. and more awaits, so i'll try to get back and actually start posting again sometime soon :)

Dag Out!

July 12, 2008

and yes aliza, my farmers tan is definetly better than dereks

a pretty air ballon that went floating right over my head

Derek playing Duck Hunt, what a great game :)

i think it lost a little bit in the downsize but i like this pic :D

it has been asserted that a certain party is awesome for pointing out a corolation between the One Ring of The Lord of The Rings, and the Horcruxes of Harry Potter. when asked if i had heard why this was awesome i responded thus:

"right , the ring and horcruxes, however i must argue that the ring and the horcruxes are made somewhat differently, the ring was imbuned with magic and Sauron's malice as he was making the ring, the horcruxes on the other hand were merely objects that Voldemort attached bits of his soul to after killing people, and Sauron needed no murder to create the ring, also the horcruxes (beyond the ones that are deathly hallows) have no other purpose, whereas the ring was made to control other rings of magic."

What say you all to that?

July 8, 2008

okay, staying up till 5:30 was a bad idea, but i had such a wonderful time, reading and posting and finding new pictures on DA, so much fun and excitement. then i finally went to bed and had a great dream which was a little fuzzy in the details but largely focused on that Zombie comic, though at one point it was me and my dad, in an appartment that was made to combat zombies in, and there was a room surrounded by these remote like things that were like garage door openers that would open a bit of the walls (which i assume was meant to be a form of quick escape. then it was like total craziness from then on, and i'm not even sure that i saw a zombie through the entire thing, but there was always that fear there, really great dream :)

July 7, 2008

i love it...

so i'm sitting here reading a webcomic called The Zombie Hunters and i thought of something i could post, i really love backlogging. its just so great, getting the story to flow by like that, and comics that have been running for a long time like Girl Genius left me with weeks of entertainment, every opportunity i could get i'd be on. and then the comic just ends, no more next button to press, and i am sad. but enough about me, and more about this new comic i found. http://www.thezombiehunters.com/index.php?strip_id=1

i really like it, good artwork, lots of extras, the artist has a DA, and........
oh no... I'M AT THE END OF THIS ONE TOO! but its still great, one more awesome comic to add to my ever growing nonexistant list of comics that i alternately update and forget about.

-must find something to do with my life
*adds to nonexistant life list*

July 6, 2008


went golfing today, 9 holes, 66 strokes, 1 birdy

after the second 10 stroke hole i got a little frustrated but thats just the way golf goes.

July 3, 2008


i'm sorry i haven't been posting at all lately guys, i've just been so busy, this is like the second time i've actually been on a computer in a week and a half. good news is that i'm going to Akron, OH on Aug. 1st to see all 60 pro golfers have at it in a big old tournement. the bad news is that i need to have 12 rounds of golf in at Hunter's Station by Aug. 11, and i haven't stepped on a golf course all summer :(