December 31, 2007


December 24, 2007


well, it's been a long time since i last posted so i have just a little bit to say ;D its Christmas time again and you know what that means, buying presents for 9 other people + the Mooch now. essentially, i went into WalMart with 16 bucks and came out with 2 (which were later spent on the Bean) and i still have 3 people to buy for, and seeing as i have about 13 hrs. to get them something, it will be IOWEYOUS courtesy of the National Bank of Brent (in Brent we trust). of course i got de Shiksa something i would totally buy for myself (and intend to) because i have no idea what she would like, so if i like it in a genre she likes, she should like it due to the transitive property :D at least i hope she does. btw Daum, have you ever played the Command&Conquer series/liked it? cause there is a sweet looking FPS/RTS coming out sometime 2008 (yeah right) called Tiberium, simply by the cover art i was mesmerized "beeeaaauuuutiful..... drool." well, Merry Christmas all, hope you have a great holiday, since it seems that i'll be here at the store for a good portion of the rest of the week ;D
Dag Out!

October 24, 2007

another paint picture

check it out in large view, a quick pic. not an increadable amount of detail, but i saved it under the name, "50%! Quickly, everyone back to Sears!"


I'm leaving for the Boston trip in appx... 4 and a half hours, and i am SO EXCITED! and in spirit of the moment, a song, compliments of the Dropkick Murphys

I'm a sailor peg
And I've lost my leg
Climbing up the top sailsI lost my leg!
I'm shipping up to Boston whoa
I'm shipping up to Boston whoa
I'm shipping up to Boston whoa
I'm shipping find my wooden leg
I'm a sailor peg
And I've lost my leg
Climbing up the top sailsI lost my leg!
I'm shipping up to Boston whoa
I'm shipping up to Boston whoa
I'm shipping up to Boston whoa
I'm shipping find my wooden leg!

October 12, 2007


right, so the day after my birthday, me and Dan went down towards Pittsburgh at Fords city with a friend of his named Darlene to Oktoberfest, they were having a party. so for the first half of the day we just sat around and drank pop, POP! and ate pigs in a blanket. then we were helping some kids with the activities they had set up, finally came the good stuff. we got to shoot some sceet, and the guy setting it up made it a competition, best out of 5, between me and the other kid that had actually shot also. so i went first, with a .410 shotgun, and blasted 4 outa 5. the other guy went and he got 2 outa 5, then they let him shoot with a 20-gauge, he got both pidgeons, then i shot the 20 too and got mine too. hehe, i won

October 5, 2007


its my burfday, gonna party like it's my burfday

but i still can't sing that Alice Cooper song 18 though, which makes me sad :D

September 13, 2007

I title it "Where did this temple come from?" or "Good God! is that a flying monkey?!"
it may have looked better in a full screen but there is alot of small detail for a paint project :D

September 8, 2007

An epiphany, in the bathroom

right, so i've been meaning to post this for a week or two, but first a fact: the average guy cries 17 times a year. anywho, i was watching this movie the other day called Saved, interesting movie i thought. anyway, before i watched it, i was brushing my teeth in the bathroom thinking to myself when i suddenly slipped and hit my head off the toilet. as i awoke, i realized that i don't express my emotions very well(at least i don't think so). so back to the movie, i connected to some of the characters and related well, and at one point during the sadness montage, short clips of each character feeling sad fading to the next, one guy was looking at a picture of the main girl in the story. and i myself grew saddend, so i reached over to my nightstand and grabbed a pic. of Aliza, and as the sad melody played i cried, and teardrops fell on my pillowcase, and all that cliched crap, and then i was happy, and then it was weird, and then i was happy again, and then for the next few days i sat and pondered the movie. and then i felt like blogging about it. and thats what i just did :D

Don't you just hate that...

I just had another one of those moments where you go, "I'm almost 17, i'm a junior, i graduate next year, i can drive by myself in about a month, i'll only be a teen for like 3 more years, i don't even have a paying job, and what will i look back too when i'm older. what have i been doing all this time? and suddenly you realize that life sucks right now, ah sentence enhancer! i love that term meg used for my rambling, teen angst. suggestive but just vauge enough to work.

August 16, 2007


bye the way, just watched all three Chronicles of Riddick and Ghostrider, liked across the board

August 15, 2007



August 1, 2007

It says here...

what to post, what to post?!...... i've got nothing.

Tom Clancy makes good books.
I want a potato gun.
Dragons are awesome.
I have a t-shirt with a dragon on it.
My blogger is doing something weird and overlapping text.
i don't post enough.
Summers almost over.
I need to practice golfing before thursday.
My girlfriend is in Florida, that sucks.
I have a girlfriend, this is good.
I am way too impressionable.
I have never picked a fight.
I haven't been in a fight at all, this depresses me for some reason.
I stay up way too late.
I've never flown.
I like being random, but it seems like i try to hard.
People in my house think shut up is a swear word.
I should be asleep right now.
Octavian Nothing is a stupid book.
I love swords and medieval weaponry.
Trebuchets are awesome.
Why is the insect kingdom so cruel to males?
I am easily entertained and amused.
I have no sense of scheduling at all.
How is it possible to hate and love technology at the same time?
I should never have introduced Derek to Runescape.
I think i'm going to bed, goodnight.

July 20, 2007

well, i was trying to explain the camera angle of Daum's avatar to Derek (he insists that it is a gazelle, antelope, anteater, thing) with Paint, and i was bored so i asked my mom what to draw and she said a wolf, and i thought of Grey and said sure. so here it is, my incredible wolf tribute to Grey. on second glance, the picture is too small to see the stars that i added but be assured that they are there :D

July 19, 2007

It's been awhile

good song, but anyway, it has been almost a month since i posted, thats bad, even for me :D and hello and welcome back to the states to Daum, glad to have you back. hopefully i will start posting more too. seeya

June 24, 2007

Just for you Daum :D

right, don't know if you heard or not, but Penny Arcade is coming out with a video game called "On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness: Episode One, can't talk about it now, but there is also a contest/sweepstakes like thing going on. by sending an e-mail with "Penny Arcade FTW!" in the subject line to and including your full name, age, phone number, and mailing address, 10 winners will get signed copies of Volumes 1 2 and 3 of the Penny Arcade Books, 2 limited edition laser celsof PA art (whatever laser cels are) and a 5 DVD sef of the PAX 2005 documentary but on GRAND PRIZE WINNER cough* Daum*cough will fly to PAX 2007 in Seattle (yea! megin is itching to go back) to meet Gabe and Tycho and you'll be drawn in Penny Arcade style and live on forevver as a character in Penny Arcade Avdventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness Epi. II. plus bragging rights.

got to go, will go into details later, contest ends July 5 2007 One person per household per month. seeya

The Princess, is she... hot?!

k, so i found this HILARIOUS zelda spoof on you tube. if you watch it, be forewarned, it is fairly perverted and may include some adult themes and launguage. but it's worth it :D

also, i recommend watching any of the Monty Python Flying Circus and Holy Grail scits, done
a la Halo and Halo 2. just look up ,Monty Python How not to be seen halo, and run with it from there, related scits in the bar to the bottom right. HAVE FUN :Dp

June 23, 2007

MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! i couldn't resist :D

June 22, 2007


Well, for the sake of staying updated, i have to write something. but what? oh, guess what, i'm wearing sweat pants. Fascinating isn't it. i don't think i've owned a pair of swearpants for years, but here i am, wearing them. yep. i have officially run out of things to write about :D I guess i haven't really talked about my trip to Tennessee yet. So we know this retired priest that was moving to Tenn. and he was a good friend of ours, he and dad would always rag on each other and it was funny. so dad offers to move him with our boxtruck, and while we're down there we'll take a week of vacation, this happens often, dad rolls work into vacation. the day before we were to leave, we went over to Fr. Ron's (the priest) to load up. we brought the boxtruck, an enclosed trailer, the Avalanche, and Fr.'s pick-up. With two workers, me, mom and dad, and the kids(who weren't much help) it took all day and several hours the next day to pack it all, and it was packed to the hilt, everything was packed to the ceiling, we had stuff strapped to the top of the Avalanche, and the boxtruck could hardly clear 55mph up and down all the hills to the interstate. he also had two chickens, who we put in a dog kennel which was also put on top of the Avalanche. And so it began. we stopped in West Virginia for gas and when we got out of the truck, the rooster started up. COCKADOODLE DOO! people were lookin at us and we were laughing. some 8 hours or so later, we finally arrived at his new house, dragged out the essentials and fell asleep on the floor. The next day some of Fr.'s friends came over helped us unload. Thankfully, unpacking was much easier than packing. that night, Andy(one of the friends) came back and we had spare ribs, which was the first time i had had them, and they were good. I was going around singing "I want my baby back, baby back, baby back, baby back, baby back, baby back, baby back ribs!" lol. The next day we said good bye and took off, this time to the west. several hours later(in which i was driving the boxtruck) we arrived in Fairfield Tenn. where my Aunt Pat has a house. we would be spending the rest of the week here while visiting with my other Aunt Sue. it was in one of those like retirement neighborhoods, and it had some stupid rules, but it was nice. we rented a pontoon boat and went swimming in the lake and the swimming pool and i got a little bit burnt. and some guy who worked there tried to get dad to eat a fried pickle :D Finally we left back north, but we went through Kentucky to Ohio, to go to my cousin's (second cousin actually) graduation party. It was fun, we ate and played games and talked, ooohh, and there was a tank outside since it was an American Legion hall, and it was pretty, i got pictures on my phone. My guess is that it was packing twin Bofer 40mm anti aircraft guns on the turret with two brackets for 30 cal. Browning machine guns. It was pretty :D I also got to see my Godfather Stevie who i haven't seen for some time. Unfortunetly, he got burned badly recently, something to do with burning something at work and it exploded. he had 2nd degree burns from what i hear, but he must have been recovering well, because it looked like he just had a bad sunburn. then we stopped over to see my aunt Helen and uncle Paul, who aren't doing to well unfortunetly. Finally we were headed back east for home. Somewhere close to the border, we stopped at a Kwik Fill so everyone could go to the bathroom, and while Derek was in line, some black guy came up who had to go, so he and Derek played rock paper scissors to see who would go next. they played best outa 3 two times and Derek won both times, it was hilarious. the guy was funny too, so finally he said "Aight, i really gotta go, so i'm just going out back" so funny :D we didn't get home till midnight so we went to bed. and there you go, that was my vacation.

June 18, 2007

Poetry that makes me cry

i just got an email from my girlfriend in Florida (have i mentioned that i have a girlfriend? i don't remember) and she wrote a poem to made me sad and happy, i already hate long distance relationships and she's only been gone a week :D i will type it for you now...

We choose to stay together
Even though we're far apart,
Joined by the strong tether
Of the longings of the heart.
We could not face the pain
That giving up would bring,
And so we must sustain
Our love despite our suffering.
You are my sovereign prince,
Whom I will not betray,
Nor be your subject any less
Because you're far away.
Though rivers run as swift as deer
And mountains turn to dust,
I'll wait as year gives way to year
Because I simply must.

May 28, 2007

Tout Seule

May 22: noone has posted on any of our blogs for four days, it's getting lonely.
May 25: don't know how long i can hang on by myself, all i can do is try.
May 27: still no sign of an intellegent conversation, i'm beginning to hear voices in my head.
May 28: caught myself singing One Is The Loneliest Number today, its getting worse.
May 30: I truly must find someone to talk too, the voices are growing restless.
June 1: I wondered today if writing this journal was worth it, knowing that noone might find it.
June 4: All hope of a debate has fled from me, not much time left.
June 6: I haven't been witty for 8 days, it's so cold.
June 9: I fear i am going savage, and i will no longer be able to write in this........

May 23, 2007

Groupies wanted

how does one aquire a steady following? because i REALLY need some other reason to get on here then to vent my occasional problems to empty cyberspace:D

May 12, 2007


Brent just ate a cookie, Brent is much happy.

May 2, 2007


Schools out in 5ish weeks, i am much happy. yet what will come after, sweltering heat and an unfulfilling job at Hanely's Corner Shoppe. yippee, so what are we doin today dad? Movin funiture. Okay, how about tomarrow? Deliverin furniture. I see, and the next day? Pickin up more furniture. :D I've got a great life:D

April 25, 2007


Was just going to take a shower and thought of a great title for a poem, even though it may be emo, "I Cry Black Tears". What could be better? It's got 2 of the 3 main emo staples, black and suffering, now all i need to do is throw in something about bleeding :D

Bye Bye Birdie

Well, opening night is over, and we did pretty good. No major foulups, limited mike problems, and we finished in just over 2 hours, which for this play is blazing fast. 3 performances to go, now lets see if we can actually get people to PAY to see it :D

April 21, 2007

Simple Pleasures

You know what really feels good? when ur walking through the house with your socks off, and it's just starting to feel cold, then as you walk into a room you step on a spot where the sun has been shining for a while and... AAHHH, that feels good:D

April 20, 2007


Happy last 10 minutes of 4:20 everyone! :D

April 18, 2007

Be careful on the roads now...

Because Dagdamor has his Drivers Permit! OH BOY!
last night i drove all the way from Pittsburgh back home, in a boxtruck :D 102 miles, not bad for a first timer, eh?

April 10, 2007


16 days between posts, E-GAD I AM ACTIVE! i must have Grey beat out by like a month or so. HA! TAKE THAT!

Wonderful Misery

Oh woe to those who are happy,
the poor should now be glad,
what they have always wanted,
now is theirs to be had.
the beautiful leper,
the desirable drunk,
the little man on top,
with the mob boss in the trunk.
in this world of contradictions,
where ends justify the means,
what truly is the norm here,
what should be seen obscene.

tell me what u think please, keep in mind that i have no idea where exactly that came from or if it makes any sence at all. :D

March 25, 2007


This is an important announcement:
All Bloggers are now required to post more often as ordered by Dagdamor,
All who disregard this post will suffer horrible torture as ordered by Dagdamor,
All must figure out the most horrible torture they can think of as ordered by Dagdamor,
Heil Dagdamor,
This has been a public services announcement.

March 18, 2007


well, i just spent the last few hours surfing the blogs of people i know, and the people they know and i kinda know but probably don't know me. and as was bound to happen, i added some of my own thoughts to their conversations.

jumping into others social circles always was a bit awkward to me, but now that i've sent out several comments to people i am somehow connected to (however vaugley) with the eiree thought ringing through my partially unstable self esteem that i would be shunned and thrown from the herd for putting in my 2 cents. and now i must wait, eagerly anticipating their replies, fearing something like "and who are you again?" or worse, no reaction at all! OH NO, not the cold shoulder.

oh well, noone but my sister will probly read this anyway :D

March 16, 2007

Happy Saint Patty's Day!

Wonderful! Saint Patrick's Day is here, and while all my good friends of the internet persuation are getting drunk on Bénédictine (Deemers you dog :D ) i'll be at school on a saturday praticing for a play. However, i fully intend to spend the remainder of the day listening to Flogging Molly and watching the Boondock Saints :D

February 3, 2007

Mistaken identity

Oh, No, It, Can't, Be,... THERE ARE TWO DAG'S ON BLOGGER.COM!!!!!!!!!!!
I just discovered that another Dag posts here on Blogger.
Credit where credit is due, his blog is at
Also, he has seniority on me by 2 years so respect his site so he doesn't complain bout mine :D
An very strange coincidence that two bloggers with the same name and the same URL would be on the same site, WIERD!

February 2, 2007


Good Morrow People of, I am quite pleased to be here with you all to throw mind numbing thoughts of mine own and quotes most likely stolen from others at you in the vain attempt to entertain you for a few minutes with the hope of bringing you back here again. Why any of you would be interested in my day to day troubles is beyond me but if you are reading this right now, i guess that means its working. So with this I bid you all adieu.