September 13, 2007

I title it "Where did this temple come from?" or "Good God! is that a flying monkey?!"
it may have looked better in a full screen but there is alot of small detail for a paint project :D

September 8, 2007

An epiphany, in the bathroom

right, so i've been meaning to post this for a week or two, but first a fact: the average guy cries 17 times a year. anywho, i was watching this movie the other day called Saved, interesting movie i thought. anyway, before i watched it, i was brushing my teeth in the bathroom thinking to myself when i suddenly slipped and hit my head off the toilet. as i awoke, i realized that i don't express my emotions very well(at least i don't think so). so back to the movie, i connected to some of the characters and related well, and at one point during the sadness montage, short clips of each character feeling sad fading to the next, one guy was looking at a picture of the main girl in the story. and i myself grew saddend, so i reached over to my nightstand and grabbed a pic. of Aliza, and as the sad melody played i cried, and teardrops fell on my pillowcase, and all that cliched crap, and then i was happy, and then it was weird, and then i was happy again, and then for the next few days i sat and pondered the movie. and then i felt like blogging about it. and thats what i just did :D

Don't you just hate that...

I just had another one of those moments where you go, "I'm almost 17, i'm a junior, i graduate next year, i can drive by myself in about a month, i'll only be a teen for like 3 more years, i don't even have a paying job, and what will i look back too when i'm older. what have i been doing all this time? and suddenly you realize that life sucks right now, ah sentence enhancer! i love that term meg used for my rambling, teen angst. suggestive but just vauge enough to work.