November 16, 2008

It's been too long...

large view please, if you've never been in a car while its snowing, you won't understand.

November 14, 2008

so i'm sitting in my french class, copying the conjugations of the verb remplir in the past tense, and for no particular reason i'm shaking my foot, which was on top of my other foot. after awhile i look down and my foot was still shaking, at a constant tempo, and i had no thought of it at all. it was so amazing, unordered monotonous movement, that i could observe without any consciece will to move. i think i was actually giggling at the sight...

later tonight, i was sleeping in the boxtruck and had a dream where me and 2 or 3 other guys were infiltrating some sort of military base. i'm not sure what we were looking for, but it may have been a person. so we're in this halway/stairwell thing, and i look into a little 3 foot alcove, and when one of the guys loses sight of me, he starts screaming that they'll come and save me or something(he was the group idiot evidently.) immeadiatly sirens go off and red lights start blinking, me and the other smart guy, maybe there were only 3 of us, decide we should high tail it out of there, so we run out the door to another set of steps, but this one was outside. by now there were soldiers everywhere, they wore the old style BDU's *cough*thecoolones*cough* and red berets, so i decide to try the classic "hidden in plain sight" deal. suprisingly, slumping against a wall and pretending to be dead though obviously still breathing and with a distinct lack of blood is a rather effective means of keeping yourself hidden. however, i couldn't help but feel that the soldiers that passed my, while staring straight at me, knew i was alive and were ignoring me for some reason. eventually, the other smart guy who was with me (who i think may have outranked me somehow, could this mean that i was in some sort of secret military spy organization?) walked past me with some of the (enemy?) soldiers and what might have been a female commander. he points at me and says "that one's dead", which i'm guessing was some sort of way to buy me some time so the soldiers would go away and i could run, but then i was woke up, so thats the end

oh, and Mr. Winger likes firefly, HAHA!

November 4, 2008

Pics... hopefully

some of my pics from new york...


Me friends, yes i have some

just an awesome looking building, i have no idea what it was

Atlas, and his, um, spinny ball thingy.

the Statue of liberty,from a different perspective
plus so many more that you wouldn't believe, and i don't want to bother with cuz it would take for ever.