September 30, 2008

the reason i don't post much...

Vegas Style Solitaire is ruining my life!!!!!

when will it end, the x's just keep coming and i can't make them stop!

September 23, 2008

so its midnight and i'm walking outside to find a plastic tube, and as i'm crossing the street, i look up, and there is this huge mass of stars, and i just gape in awe at it from the middle of the intersection...
sure i've seen alot of stars in my day, but this was just a refresher of just how many there are, and how awesome it is, how i want to see them from out west in the wide open country, and how cool it would be to be an astronaut. and not just any astronaut, i'm talking the cool futuristic "Firefly" kind of cowboy astronaut, not the "i'm here to see how gravity affects the growth of a peanut plant!" kind of astronaut.


September 18, 2008

Grinds my gears...

you know what i hate, when ur going to a restaurant say, with your family. and the restaurant is a ways away, so you take the book you are reading in the car, right? then you finally get to the restaurant and you're just getting to a good part of the book, and you want to take it in with you, but the family all frowns on it. why is that? whats so wrong about reading in a family restaurant? its a free country and i'll read while eating my salad if i want to! thats just always made me mad. so... yeah, just thought i'd let you know what makes me mad sometimes.

Dag Out!

El Presidento

i just got elected as our class president.

September 12, 2008


Hugh Laurie is on the Tonight Show, tonight! and i'm watching it, tonight :D
i'm on the bus, and i find that i have 4 unplayed messages, so i call my voicemail, and its the same number each time, wrong number of course, but each time as i called, i thought i heard something, the fifth time i try (i was calling someone else) i figured it out. the bus radio was playing oldies, i was listening to to my mp3 player in my left ear, and through the phone came Nickleback! i was like "WHAT! have i been bugged? oh no, it must be the Army!" :D not really, but it was wierd. have any of you ever picked up odd signals on your phones?

September 6, 2008

oh crap...

so i'll be meeting with an Army recruiter on monday, still a little confused as to how it got set up.
no worries though, i'm not actively trying to join and i'm not signing anything no matter what, but some guy called from the recruiting office and set up an appt. for me to meet with a Reserve recruiter to tell me what they're all about. i really just feel that i've opened up a big ole' can of worms that i don't think i wanted to open. i'm talking big worms, big worms with guns.
just thought i'd let you guys know whats going on, you know, and like, how i don't have a clue what i'm doing :D

Dag Out!

September 5, 2008

the sleepy time, she comes

so i was sleeping in the back of the box truck again today and had a dream, which was pretty cool, i think the beginning was cool but i can't remember it, then i was in Tionesta, and the Indian Festival was going on, but every time i got there, the shops were closing up so i didn't get to do anything, and teh Shiksa was there, doing something with mom i think, it had the feel of a project to it, and Mandy was there, sitting at a small improvised table with Mick Wachob. finally, me and derek were in the box truck's cabin, i was in the driver's seat, parked on a hill. and something was wrong, the truck like shifted. so obviously the right thing to do was turn the truck on, and get off the hill to a side street by the school which was flat. but when i got there, the breaks weren't responding well, so i had to turn left down hill, on the street that cuts across the main street and heads past the church, and it was such a steep hill. so i get to the bottom and i'm swerving to miss these wandering people from the town that i recognized, and i still didn't have breaks. but we eventually got stopped somehow without wrecking the truck.
the odd thing about it is that this is like the fourth dream or so where i've been driving a vehicle that the breaks go all soft on me, i wonder if it means something?

September 4, 2008

just a picture of my whimsey, made in paint but only with the freehand pencil and the fill button. its a book on a candlelit table if you didn't get it.