April 25, 2007


Was just going to take a shower and thought of a great title for a poem, even though it may be emo, "I Cry Black Tears". What could be better? It's got 2 of the 3 main emo staples, black and suffering, now all i need to do is throw in something about bleeding :D

Bye Bye Birdie

Well, opening night is over, and we did pretty good. No major foulups, limited mike problems, and we finished in just over 2 hours, which for this play is blazing fast. 3 performances to go, now lets see if we can actually get people to PAY to see it :D

April 21, 2007

Simple Pleasures

You know what really feels good? when ur walking through the house with your socks off, and it's just starting to feel cold, then as you walk into a room you step on a spot where the sun has been shining for a while and... AAHHH, that feels good:D

April 20, 2007


Happy last 10 minutes of 4:20 everyone! :D

April 18, 2007

Be careful on the roads now...

Because Dagdamor has his Drivers Permit! OH BOY!
last night i drove all the way from Pittsburgh back home, in a boxtruck :D 102 miles, not bad for a first timer, eh?

April 10, 2007


16 days between posts, E-GAD I AM ACTIVE! i must have Grey beat out by like a month or so. HA! TAKE THAT!

Wonderful Misery

Oh woe to those who are happy,
the poor should now be glad,
what they have always wanted,
now is theirs to be had.
the beautiful leper,
the desirable drunk,
the little man on top,
with the mob boss in the trunk.
in this world of contradictions,
where ends justify the means,
what truly is the norm here,
what should be seen obscene.

tell me what u think please, keep in mind that i have no idea where exactly that came from or if it makes any sence at all. :D