April 29, 2010

I have found over my years spent on the road that I have been gifted with a peculiar and oddly useful skill set including: the ability to sleep anywhere, on anything, in any position for copious amounts of time; knowledge of the finer details of the Truckstop Shower Method, and proficiency with improvised tools that has transferred amazingly well to the college scene.

April 17, 2010

Just Because I Can....

I have a hard time accepting the piano as the main improvising instrument in a jazz song.

Yeah i said it,

April 7, 2010

My Name Is...

Shake zula, tha mic rula, the old schoolah...

so it has been revealed to me that for some time I have been abbreviating Duamuteffe's name incorrectly. I have always refered to her as Daum, for no real reason other than its the way i first processed her name and haven't discovered the discrepency since. Its funny how the mind can get used to a word and thereafter skip over it, getting the meaning of it but ignoring the real word. I recall a study that found that humans don't even recognize the word "of" in a sentence.
anyways, i just want to know if a change would be polite, i can understand that i would be put off if someone called me Dug, even if it is what they've always done.



Someone Who Cares...

Lyrics i just heard that fit the post :)

So, its 3:45 am, just finished some homework in the computer lab on campus. i think i'm going to put off setting up the new computer till tomorrow, as excited i am about it. Further thanks are in order for all those involved, so thank you Owlvark for getting everything prepared, i hope that someday we will meet. Thank you Shiksa for the transport and lunch, its always great to get out and spend time with you. And thank you Daum for all the borrowed culture. I'm not exactly sure who to thank for the physical computer itself, but let the owner know that it is appreciated.