April 26, 2008

busy times

i have been so busy lately that everything is totally out of whack, baseball every day, drama club (which is now cancelled), NHS which i am now a full member of, and after three weeks of begging for it, i got my hair cut. my hair went from 4 inches to 2, and it feels great, especially the stubbly stuff on the back of my neck, i love that feeling :) plus the dodgeball tournament that i was at last night, where i served as the manager for Your Mom's Favorite, our team :D
and now as a change of pace i got to turn on the tv, watch British programming all night, topped of with some Monty Python Flying Circus which i was delighted to see. i think i need some sleep :)

April 20, 2008


so yesterday morning i found out that my friend Dan crashed his four-wheeler and really screwed up his face, fractured his scull, and someone told me that he screwed up his spine, but i now know that that isn't true.

April 16, 2008

game schedule

okay, this is our schedule so far
Apr. 17 Home (DH) 3:45 P.M.
Apr. 21 Home (DH) 4:00
Apr. 22 Keystone 4:15
Apr.24 Moniteau 4:15
Apr.29 Home ''
May 1 Union "
May5 Clarion "
May 6 Clarion Limestone 4:15
May 8 Home 4:15
May13 Home "

April 12, 2008


My esteemed colleague Aliza has pointed out an important and relevant fact, i happen to be boring. thats it, i am not an entertaining person most of the time, mostly because that involves effort on my part, which is an immediate "okay, screw this..." indicator. seriously, thats what happens, little light pops up on the control panel in my head, then the underpaid smuck who works there goes to his supervisor to ask what to do, and moments before my brain goes into terminal meltdown cycle they decide to press the shiny red 'ABORT' button. At this point i decide that the action/event at hand is just not worth it and walk away pondering what a lombax weilding a shotgun riding on the back of a giant walrus on a cosmic roller-coaster wilst fighting off numerous gorilla ninjas and a panda bear with a squirt gun would look like. this entire operation lasts about 2 seconds. anyways, the fact remains that i have some serious boring tendancies to take care of once i feel like it, and now i have to take a shower...
Dag out.

April 10, 2008


yay for me, i actually did something RIGHT! had a game today at home, and i was swapped in for 3 or 4 of the last innings, first time up to bat i hit a foul to the right, then struck out, next i actually fielded a ball almost correctly, and then, second time up to bat i actually hit the ball! and it stayed fair! (the fact that it was hit almost directly to the second baseman for him to scoop and toss, not throw but TOSS to first base at his leisure is irrelevent) all in all i think i did okay for my second time on a field :D

April 2, 2008


!!!!!!!!!!!! shock and awe !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is amazing, two great comics in a row!!!

okay enought crazy shouting for now, but wow.

Girl Genious

what a beautiful response...

"But its MY sadistic mechanical monster."