November 16, 2008

It's been too long...

large view please, if you've never been in a car while its snowing, you won't understand.

November 14, 2008

so i'm sitting in my french class, copying the conjugations of the verb remplir in the past tense, and for no particular reason i'm shaking my foot, which was on top of my other foot. after awhile i look down and my foot was still shaking, at a constant tempo, and i had no thought of it at all. it was so amazing, unordered monotonous movement, that i could observe without any consciece will to move. i think i was actually giggling at the sight...

later tonight, i was sleeping in the boxtruck and had a dream where me and 2 or 3 other guys were infiltrating some sort of military base. i'm not sure what we were looking for, but it may have been a person. so we're in this halway/stairwell thing, and i look into a little 3 foot alcove, and when one of the guys loses sight of me, he starts screaming that they'll come and save me or something(he was the group idiot evidently.) immeadiatly sirens go off and red lights start blinking, me and the other smart guy, maybe there were only 3 of us, decide we should high tail it out of there, so we run out the door to another set of steps, but this one was outside. by now there were soldiers everywhere, they wore the old style BDU's *cough*thecoolones*cough* and red berets, so i decide to try the classic "hidden in plain sight" deal. suprisingly, slumping against a wall and pretending to be dead though obviously still breathing and with a distinct lack of blood is a rather effective means of keeping yourself hidden. however, i couldn't help but feel that the soldiers that passed my, while staring straight at me, knew i was alive and were ignoring me for some reason. eventually, the other smart guy who was with me (who i think may have outranked me somehow, could this mean that i was in some sort of secret military spy organization?) walked past me with some of the (enemy?) soldiers and what might have been a female commander. he points at me and says "that one's dead", which i'm guessing was some sort of way to buy me some time so the soldiers would go away and i could run, but then i was woke up, so thats the end

oh, and Mr. Winger likes firefly, HAHA!

November 4, 2008

Pics... hopefully

some of my pics from new york...


Me friends, yes i have some

just an awesome looking building, i have no idea what it was

Atlas, and his, um, spinny ball thingy.

the Statue of liberty,from a different perspective
plus so many more that you wouldn't believe, and i don't want to bother with cuz it would take for ever.

October 25, 2008

Where to start?

all right, i've been in New York City and thus computerless for 3 days now so i have some make-up work to get through
Summary: took trip to New York City with many friends, left at 1 a.m. arrived about 8 hrs later after 3 days there were returned at about 1:30a.m. and i got home about 2 (drove myself :D )

Low-Down: okay, this will be incomplete and in no particular order but here's the highlight reel of the trip, was at: statue of liberty, ellis island, times square, planet hollywood, hard rock cafe, macy's (bought sweet Boba Fett shirt) chinatown(much less chinese like than you would think) Rockefeller place, The Today Show, NBC studios, Mediviel Times (GO YELLOW KNIGHT!), saw STOMP (so cool) the empire state building, saw the sears tower, visited Ground Zero, that one big toy store, and lots of other places i can't remember right now, i had lots of fun and took lots of pictures, i hope to post some stuff soon. talk to you all soon,

Dag Out!

October 10, 2008

real quick list and then its off to bed i guess...

-i got my driver's license the other day, and haven't been behind the wheel of a car since.
-ended up in the woods yesterday, not knowing where i was supposed to be, with a 4-wheeler and an 8 foot trailer, left with the instructions "follow the sound of the chainsaw" just as i began contemplating going home some random guy shows up, offers to cut me some wood, does, and i load it and that was it. annoying conversations with landowner/parents/landowner's son who i was supposed to be finding to cut me wood ensued.
-found right wood pile today, expertly guiding atv and trailor back wooded trail without problem save for greivances from dad who sat on end of trailor(i told him the front would be better), on return trip, dad drives and gets trailer stuck on big rock, go figure...
-finally watched Black Hawk Down, great movie, makes me reconsider possible military involvement, again...
-told at appx. 11 pm that dad needs me to go with him tomarrow to 'city to the east' 2 1/2 hrs away to pick up furniture that has been there for at least 2 months, bummed
-tomarrow happens to be homecoming, leaving me with about 2 hrs after getting home to shower and make it to dance, perhaps with siblings in tow, raging on the insides, i think its starting to show.
-permission slips= useless pathetic waste, seriously, i'm 18, why do i still need these blasted things?
-i'm starting to slip more than usual, i don't think i've actually worked on homework at home in the last week, i come home, and either read webcomics or fall immediatly to sleep.
-my class is officially the worst seniors ever, somehow, we lost spirit week, and i'm pretty sure that this defies the laws of physics somehow.
-the New York trip is getting closer which is serious awesomeness in so many ways :D
-waiting for once a week webcomics sucks, which is part of the reason i don't want to start one, that and i'm lazy and don't have any idea what i'd do with it, but lets not start that subject up again. even though i just did

okay, so much for the quick list thing, but i've had enough for one day...

Dag OUT!

October 4, 2008


I know that blogger will probably say that i posted this at a different time, but in reality, it was posted at 12:05 October 2009, which happens to be the exact minute that i was born 18 years ago, meaning that i am now an adult in theory.


I am excited and happy that i've made it this far and invite all of you to join me :D

*runs away screaming "I'M EIGHTEEN AND I DONT KNOW WHAT I WANT!"


as mentioned in my last post, i'm turning 18 tonight, so yay me :D

Last night...

fell asleep on the couch last night and had a great dream, after a slightly fuzzy shootout/confederate penny throwing fight in an old western town, i settled back to my own town. Here, i rode around on a mini 4-wheeler that had no breaks for some reason, and can't remember to what purpose. Eventually, me and my dad went down to the field behind my house that became occupied by a small trailor park somehow, and were talking to some old guy (which was taken from a previous dream i believe) and three about my age came by. They seemed kind of from the Punk-ish persuation, and i followed them. At the road leading east, we met up with other kids and we all had rollerskates on. So we skated onward, effortlessly taking the hills and grass trails that seemed to take the place of roads i know in stride. eventually we came to a small town, of which i could see a school, old fashioned storefronts, and a mcdonalds!(once i woke up i equated this town with the town from Gilmore Girls for some reason) one of the kids happened to be an old friend, who bought me a sandwiche at mcdonalds since i didn't have my wallet with me. and suddenly, there was this little world so close to home that i could reach within seconds ( i'm a fast biker in my dreams) that offered the town experience that i never got, and i was like *happy dance* Eventually i was at a house that we had previously unloaded and new people had moved into, and was salting the steps to the porch off when i heard these other kids plotting on another kid (i think the other kid was from the group i found the town with) and for reasons i can't remember, the leader girl of the plotters was pulled off the steps into the snow(by me, i think she was threatening my with some kind of plastic stick and saying i had it easy, i dunno) and the other girl and boy who also had these plastic sticks were on either side of my, and it turns into an epic fight where i show off my martial prowess by disarming the boy and fighting the girl with the boys plastic stick. She was a much more capable opponent, but i won in the end (suprise!) and thats about where it ended. And thus ends my last dream as a seventeen year old. W0OT!

September 30, 2008

the reason i don't post much...

Vegas Style Solitaire is ruining my life!!!!!

when will it end, the x's just keep coming and i can't make them stop!

September 23, 2008

so its midnight and i'm walking outside to find a plastic tube, and as i'm crossing the street, i look up, and there is this huge mass of stars, and i just gape in awe at it from the middle of the intersection...
sure i've seen alot of stars in my day, but this was just a refresher of just how many there are, and how awesome it is, how i want to see them from out west in the wide open country, and how cool it would be to be an astronaut. and not just any astronaut, i'm talking the cool futuristic "Firefly" kind of cowboy astronaut, not the "i'm here to see how gravity affects the growth of a peanut plant!" kind of astronaut.


September 18, 2008

Grinds my gears...

you know what i hate, when ur going to a restaurant say, with your family. and the restaurant is a ways away, so you take the book you are reading in the car, right? then you finally get to the restaurant and you're just getting to a good part of the book, and you want to take it in with you, but the family all frowns on it. why is that? whats so wrong about reading in a family restaurant? its a free country and i'll read while eating my salad if i want to! thats just always made me mad. so... yeah, just thought i'd let you know what makes me mad sometimes.

Dag Out!

El Presidento

i just got elected as our class president.

September 12, 2008


Hugh Laurie is on the Tonight Show, tonight! and i'm watching it, tonight :D
i'm on the bus, and i find that i have 4 unplayed messages, so i call my voicemail, and its the same number each time, wrong number of course, but each time as i called, i thought i heard something, the fifth time i try (i was calling someone else) i figured it out. the bus radio was playing oldies, i was listening to to my mp3 player in my left ear, and through the phone came Nickleback! i was like "WHAT! have i been bugged? oh no, it must be the Army!" :D not really, but it was wierd. have any of you ever picked up odd signals on your phones?

September 6, 2008

oh crap...

so i'll be meeting with an Army recruiter on monday, still a little confused as to how it got set up.
no worries though, i'm not actively trying to join and i'm not signing anything no matter what, but some guy called from the recruiting office and set up an appt. for me to meet with a Reserve recruiter to tell me what they're all about. i really just feel that i've opened up a big ole' can of worms that i don't think i wanted to open. i'm talking big worms, big worms with guns.
just thought i'd let you guys know whats going on, you know, and like, how i don't have a clue what i'm doing :D

Dag Out!

September 5, 2008

the sleepy time, she comes

so i was sleeping in the back of the box truck again today and had a dream, which was pretty cool, i think the beginning was cool but i can't remember it, then i was in Tionesta, and the Indian Festival was going on, but every time i got there, the shops were closing up so i didn't get to do anything, and teh Shiksa was there, doing something with mom i think, it had the feel of a project to it, and Mandy was there, sitting at a small improvised table with Mick Wachob. finally, me and derek were in the box truck's cabin, i was in the driver's seat, parked on a hill. and something was wrong, the truck like shifted. so obviously the right thing to do was turn the truck on, and get off the hill to a side street by the school which was flat. but when i got there, the breaks weren't responding well, so i had to turn left down hill, on the street that cuts across the main street and heads past the church, and it was such a steep hill. so i get to the bottom and i'm swerving to miss these wandering people from the town that i recognized, and i still didn't have breaks. but we eventually got stopped somehow without wrecking the truck.
the odd thing about it is that this is like the fourth dream or so where i've been driving a vehicle that the breaks go all soft on me, i wonder if it means something?

September 4, 2008

just a picture of my whimsey, made in paint but only with the freehand pencil and the fill button. its a book on a candlelit table if you didn't get it.

August 31, 2008

quote o' teh day

so i'm at teh shiksa's, and we're watching the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, towards the end, shiksa says of Sean Connery's character, "Yeah, i adopted an American. I'm not really sure what came over me. I'm pretty sure i was dying at the time."

the hilarity was, well it was funny, okay.

August 25, 2008

Something ain't right


that is the number of nosebleeds i've had in the last month, and even though they are getting progressively less bloody, i can't help but wonder why i am getting them so often

August 22, 2008

Alright, a return to the random stuff i'm thinking at the moment list:

i'm never going to finish my dragon sketch, BLAST!
my guess is that this is because i'm lazy
its SO nice having half the people in my house gone for 4 days
within 6 seconds of sighting him, dad can totally kill my happy mood
"Gone with the Blastwave" though short is a hilarious comic
insurance commercials are weird
ripping quotes from movies is awesome
pencil scans terribly
ripping quotes from firefly is awesomer, though more difficult for me
in the four days my parents were gone, we ate few proper meals, and i lost around 7 pounds :D
Buck Godot makes me mad when it doesn't update at midnight, and i'm starting to think this is a bad thing
okay, i had a third unprovoked nosebleed yesterday, in like 2 weeks, definately thinking thats a bad thing
watching the olympics in a foriegn country would be crazy cool
dirty rotten scoundrels was a funny movie
3:34 am, and its about time for bed, badly needed
night everybody

Dag out!

August 20, 2008


USA just won gold in beach volleyball, so yay us :D i'll bet me Liza was watching that too :P

August 18, 2008


i begin to tire of people telling me that they heard the original song that Werewolves of London is a parody of on the radio.
amazing, even in my dream, teh shiksa shows up and hits me with some brilliant sarcasm that doesn't even make sense anymore, something like playing golf with thirteen year olds and not even paying cuz i'm on the golf team!

August 14, 2008

Table Tennis is for Wussies...

okay, new pic. there you all go.
i actually wanted to put something into the background of the last frame but i just didn't have the time and i wanted to post it quick.
Dag out!

August 11, 2008

the other day me and my sister were driving along, and somehow the conversation got on about geeks, and though i tried to describe my self image to her, she simply refused to agree that i am a geek, though i do display some geekish tendencies. I think that her base of argument is that i don't fit the frail, palid, mousy stereotype she sees geeks as being. now i'm not saying i am a hands down geek, but would i be blogging about this if i didn't have just a little geekiness? anyways, i was IMing with Nojim, and when he heard of this he said "Which sister", i said Melissa, and he said "Lol, she doesn't count"

I busted up :D

Dag out!

The Zombie Hunters

okay, i don't know if i'm reposting this or if i've just mentioned it to some of you, but if you like webcomics and zombies, this is for you. even if you don't like zombies, you should really check this out, the author is an increadible artist, i'm addicted to her DA stuff, and the comic has me begging for Monday to come again.

and if you like that AND Firefly, you will enjoy this...

August 10, 2008

such a great song

so i'm reading the comments to a picture on Deviant Art and one of the sigs. said "you can't take the sky from me" and i was like, AHHHHHHHHHH FIREFLY!

its so great that i now understand and feel a connection to that, just the ability to say, i know what that means :D

August 9, 2008


Russia and Georgia are fighting over a breakaway region, and nobody i've talked to seems to know it. THIS IS CRAZY, ITS A BIG DEAL MAN! and i can't even rightly complain, because theres nothing i will do about it. blast

August 8, 2008

so much blood....

worstest nosebleed of my life.

i was trying to make a bowl of cereal and my nose felt funny, so i rubbed it and it just started flowing, filled up my hand, ran to the bathroom and turned all the water in the toilet red, not just a thin red tint but a real dark "blood" red, took like 5 minutes to stop it. largest bloodletting i've had in quite a while and it came from tiny vessels in my nose, imagine that :(

sigh, at least thats the worst of my problems, and i almost wrecked the boxtruck yesterday because dad kept messing with the radio and i was real tired of oldies :)

July 26, 2008


i just got me a new mp3 player, 2 gig, 2.5in screen, its called a zodiac, and i think i like it, though i'm just breaking it in :D

July 21, 2008

okay, i've been gone almost all week running all over the place, mostly watching derek play baseball ( his team just won sections, and they are advancing to states level next) but i am so bored like lately, though i am excited for the trip coming up :)
lately the laptop i have nothing else to talk about, but i do have an idea for a new comic, so i guess i'll go work on that now :D
Dag Out!

July 15, 2008

home at last

okay, so its 12:50, i'm about to go to bed, and the thing is that this is the first time i'll actually be sleeping in my own bed for like a week! i've been stuck at the store day and night for too long, but now i have my victory! i will sleep in my bed, and it will be a sweet, wonderful sleep... till i have to wake up at six to go to the golf course to help out my team loading the women's league's carts :D

btw, i am about halfway through watching Firefly, and i have come to know that it is awesome indeed. and more awaits, so i'll try to get back and actually start posting again sometime soon :)

Dag Out!

July 12, 2008

and yes aliza, my farmers tan is definetly better than dereks

a pretty air ballon that went floating right over my head

Derek playing Duck Hunt, what a great game :)

i think it lost a little bit in the downsize but i like this pic :D

it has been asserted that a certain party is awesome for pointing out a corolation between the One Ring of The Lord of The Rings, and the Horcruxes of Harry Potter. when asked if i had heard why this was awesome i responded thus:

"right , the ring and horcruxes, however i must argue that the ring and the horcruxes are made somewhat differently, the ring was imbuned with magic and Sauron's malice as he was making the ring, the horcruxes on the other hand were merely objects that Voldemort attached bits of his soul to after killing people, and Sauron needed no murder to create the ring, also the horcruxes (beyond the ones that are deathly hallows) have no other purpose, whereas the ring was made to control other rings of magic."

What say you all to that?

July 8, 2008

okay, staying up till 5:30 was a bad idea, but i had such a wonderful time, reading and posting and finding new pictures on DA, so much fun and excitement. then i finally went to bed and had a great dream which was a little fuzzy in the details but largely focused on that Zombie comic, though at one point it was me and my dad, in an appartment that was made to combat zombies in, and there was a room surrounded by these remote like things that were like garage door openers that would open a bit of the walls (which i assume was meant to be a form of quick escape. then it was like total craziness from then on, and i'm not even sure that i saw a zombie through the entire thing, but there was always that fear there, really great dream :)

July 7, 2008

i love it...

so i'm sitting here reading a webcomic called The Zombie Hunters and i thought of something i could post, i really love backlogging. its just so great, getting the story to flow by like that, and comics that have been running for a long time like Girl Genius left me with weeks of entertainment, every opportunity i could get i'd be on. and then the comic just ends, no more next button to press, and i am sad. but enough about me, and more about this new comic i found.

i really like it, good artwork, lots of extras, the artist has a DA, and........
oh no... I'M AT THE END OF THIS ONE TOO! but its still great, one more awesome comic to add to my ever growing nonexistant list of comics that i alternately update and forget about.

-must find something to do with my life
*adds to nonexistant life list*

July 6, 2008


went golfing today, 9 holes, 66 strokes, 1 birdy

after the second 10 stroke hole i got a little frustrated but thats just the way golf goes.

July 3, 2008


i'm sorry i haven't been posting at all lately guys, i've just been so busy, this is like the second time i've actually been on a computer in a week and a half. good news is that i'm going to Akron, OH on Aug. 1st to see all 60 pro golfers have at it in a big old tournement. the bad news is that i need to have 12 rounds of golf in at Hunter's Station by Aug. 11, and i haven't stepped on a golf course all summer :(

June 13, 2008

I'm just trying to save some fuel!

just to clear something up, there was gas in the car the whole time, thats the joke...

June 11, 2008



Yes, it is true, i have now taken on the infamous mantle of THE GODFATHER!
Fear me if you dare...

June 8, 2008


noone has posted a comment on like any of our blogs for a week or two now, it's just kinda odd :shrugs:

June 7, 2008

what a day...

i woke up at about 6 this morning and got ready to go take my SAT's, caught a ride with Jay, Tanner, and Cymina to Oil City, sat in the cafeteria for 6 hours taking the stupid test, finally finish the test and we pile back into Jay's car. a friend of ours is following us out and we're in a big line of traffic all coming out of the parking lot. I just happened to have some scooby snacks on hand so i ate some and offered some to the others, cymina took some and jay said yeah, so he reaches into the bag and pulls out a big clump of scooby snacks and while he's trying to get them apart *BANG* my calculator which was behind my head on the speaker mount flies past my head and into my hand, which just as an aside was pretty cool, i look up and there's a jeep right there, we rear-ended some guy because he stopped instead of just pulling out onto the road. not much happened to the jeep but the front of jay's car was pretty beat up, the bumper just slid under the jeep so the hood took the brunt, it was all kinked up and the radiator was pushed back, the right headlight was smashed with glass all over the place and for some reason, Tanner's door ceased to function so he had to climb out the window General Lee style. fortunetly everyone was pretty cool about it, we were just sitting there laughing till Beth came with a back-up. As we drove down the hill back into Oil City itself, some big truck with a crane on it skipped over a curb while making a turn and we were like, "wouldn't that just top it off if it tipped and crushed us." so we go to mcdonald's order, cymina picks up a salt shaker and the bottom falls out, getting salt all over the place. then taylor who was working at Haller's sends Cymina a text message that says "I think you might be getting fired Coco" and that was it, when we got back to jay's house Taylor filled us in, the night before, Kenda left the freezer door open all night, all the food went bad and the freezer blew itself up trying to keep up with the heat, so she got fired and the owner was mad and said something about firing Cymina too, but it might just have been him ranting. but it was just a beautiful day :D

June 4, 2008

Sudden Revelations

okay, so i'm reading scary go round, and think something about squiggles, which for some reason changed into Squidward, which of course brought about a quick rendition of Patrick singing "I'm Squidward, I'm Squidward, I'm Squidward, Squidward, Squidward!" and suddenly there it was, as i laughed i said "oh, my kid is going to HATE me!" :headdesk:

and now i have a new label :D

June 1, 2008

I hate it when this happens

this always happens to me, even just today i fell asleep on the couch and had two different incredible dreams, but i can only remember little snippets of it. i was on the run from some sort of oppressive new government somewhere in england i think, and i set up some mocking banners over a highway, jumped a guardrail, hid in some bushes, stealthily crossed a field, down to a river, but there was some kind of animals there and i knew that they would alert the government that i was there, so i ran back up the hill, and into some sort of building. and there was some sort of light and so i duck down into a little row like thing and there was people there, and i realize its a movie theatre. so of course i have to act natural, don't want to attract attention because we're talking "Fahrenheit 451" kind of society here, if anyone recognized me from a wanted poster or something, they would surely turn me in. then someone next to me said my name, and it was my friend taylor! so i'm trying to get him to be quiet so poeple don't know its me, and he's all like, suprised to see me and how good i look because i've been active and on the run for so long and i look all rugged and cool sorta "Hatchet" style. all this while i'm thinking i gotta get outta here, because a movie theatre is the most cliche place to be caught trying to hide, and thats all i can remember about that one, the next one was weird about exploring this haunted castle where some kind of wraith king kind of thing lived and we were searching for some treasure or something and it was really weird. but i really wish that we could record dreams like on that Final Fantasy movie, the first one that flopped, it was called the spirit within or something like that. that would be cool :D

May 31, 2008

anyways, forgot about what i was posting bout. i did enjoy the last book, but i felt that too many questions were left unanswered, like what happens to the dudleys, or Hermione's parents, how did they get Gryffindor's sword back from the goblins, who's side were the spiders actually on, and what was the thing under the chair in limbo? and it is sad that the series is over, though i really can't see Rowling holding on to the story too tightly, something is bound to happen, even after all this buisiness of her suing her fan for publishing his guide or however that all went.

May 29, 2008

Late Nights...

... with Harry Potter! well, i finally got my hands on the last harry potter book and started reading it on Monday night, lets say 8 or 9ish o'clock. it read well, and before i knew it i heard a bird singing outside, i looked over and was like, OH CRAP! I love pulling all nighters, but i had to get up for school in like 10 minutes, so i go downstairs, into the bathroom, nice thoughts about the future and how i'm going to be so cool, and everything was cheery and in increadable detail. the whole way to school. and what might come onto the mp3 player as we approached the school? THE IMPERIAL MARCH! i was like " HAHA! PERFECT!" and it played the whole way to my locker :D That evening i came home and went upstairs, was out like a light. i slept for the rest of the night, through dinner, and till 6 the next morning, went to school and felt like crap. and of course that night i stayed up again for hours till 6 rolled around again, heard birds, saw lights and was like I DID IT AGAIN! once again went downstairs was real happy, beautiful day on the ride to school. Got to Mr. Hartwig's history class and his review for our final on the Israeli-Arabic conflicts had my head nodding so violently that he told me to try to not break my neck. it was so hard to stay awake through that! anyway, by 6, i had 1 page to go to finish number seven which i still haven't done. but not bad i thought, 750 odd pages in two all nighters, eh?

i'm all outa ideas for good pics. i don't think i really liked this one. oh well

May 25, 2008


Melissa is stupid

what happened?!

so mandy bought some PS2 game called Singstar and brought it to our house so we've spent the whole day making complete idiots of ourselves. sigh :D

May 22, 2008


i say sorry to teh shiksa for cutting off our conv. our phone has a stupidly placed on/off button that is very easily pushed. i was quite enjoying that too :(

May 20, 2008

who knew what an extended abscense from the blogging scene and a boring schedule could do to a guy.

May 12, 2008

sorry i haven't been posting lately, but i've been kinda busy lately, like on saturday, me and my friends Tanner and Jay were at the Dam all morning building fish habitats for our NHS community service project, i'll try to post pics, but of course they probably won't work. The work consisted of making 500 pound structures to dump to the bottom of the lake for fish to live in, made by nailing planks together to form a base, putting the base on a boat, loading the base with 8 cement blocks, then nailing the finished top to the base, and as the boat sped off to drop off its cargo, another boat was right there to take it's place, so we were pretty busy the whole time. we made 20 habitats in all, and it took 1 1/2 hours. they were expecting us to take 4 hours to finish it! huzza for efficiency :D

April 26, 2008

busy times

i have been so busy lately that everything is totally out of whack, baseball every day, drama club (which is now cancelled), NHS which i am now a full member of, and after three weeks of begging for it, i got my hair cut. my hair went from 4 inches to 2, and it feels great, especially the stubbly stuff on the back of my neck, i love that feeling :) plus the dodgeball tournament that i was at last night, where i served as the manager for Your Mom's Favorite, our team :D
and now as a change of pace i got to turn on the tv, watch British programming all night, topped of with some Monty Python Flying Circus which i was delighted to see. i think i need some sleep :)

April 20, 2008


so yesterday morning i found out that my friend Dan crashed his four-wheeler and really screwed up his face, fractured his scull, and someone told me that he screwed up his spine, but i now know that that isn't true.

April 16, 2008

game schedule

okay, this is our schedule so far
Apr. 17 Home (DH) 3:45 P.M.
Apr. 21 Home (DH) 4:00
Apr. 22 Keystone 4:15
Apr.24 Moniteau 4:15
Apr.29 Home ''
May 1 Union "
May5 Clarion "
May 6 Clarion Limestone 4:15
May 8 Home 4:15
May13 Home "

April 12, 2008


My esteemed colleague Aliza has pointed out an important and relevant fact, i happen to be boring. thats it, i am not an entertaining person most of the time, mostly because that involves effort on my part, which is an immediate "okay, screw this..." indicator. seriously, thats what happens, little light pops up on the control panel in my head, then the underpaid smuck who works there goes to his supervisor to ask what to do, and moments before my brain goes into terminal meltdown cycle they decide to press the shiny red 'ABORT' button. At this point i decide that the action/event at hand is just not worth it and walk away pondering what a lombax weilding a shotgun riding on the back of a giant walrus on a cosmic roller-coaster wilst fighting off numerous gorilla ninjas and a panda bear with a squirt gun would look like. this entire operation lasts about 2 seconds. anyways, the fact remains that i have some serious boring tendancies to take care of once i feel like it, and now i have to take a shower...
Dag out.

April 10, 2008


yay for me, i actually did something RIGHT! had a game today at home, and i was swapped in for 3 or 4 of the last innings, first time up to bat i hit a foul to the right, then struck out, next i actually fielded a ball almost correctly, and then, second time up to bat i actually hit the ball! and it stayed fair! (the fact that it was hit almost directly to the second baseman for him to scoop and toss, not throw but TOSS to first base at his leisure is irrelevent) all in all i think i did okay for my second time on a field :D

April 2, 2008


!!!!!!!!!!!! shock and awe !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is amazing, two great comics in a row!!!

okay enought crazy shouting for now, but wow.

Girl Genious

what a beautiful response...

"But its MY sadistic mechanical monster."


March 27, 2008

something positive at least

i've only just today caught up reading the Girl Genious comic. its only description,
its so funny, i've been reading it for two and a half weeks now, practically nonstop :D oh what a shame i now have to wait a week for 3 pages to be posted :) and yet it will be totally worth it.
guess what everybody, life sucks...

that is all.

March 17, 2008

you know you're a really sad and bored person when, while waiting for a game informer article about cosplay, and a stick figure animated fight to load, you begin making a song with the clicks of your mouse scrolling wheel, and then there's the definative sign that there is no help for you when your song morphs into the Imperial March...

somebody shoot me, please... preferably with a D-17, just because they're cool and it would be somewhat ironic

March 16, 2008

made me laugh

"Technicalities are for engineers, Alyss"

from The Looking Glass Wars: Seeing Redd

new pic

March 12, 2008

ah, gratitude

I was just checking out my usual run, and was looking at the shiksa's site, and lo and behold, in her list of daily web pages is one titled "Dag's Place"
If there was a smiley on blogger showing the excitement of a 17 yr old boy it would be right here.

That just made my day :)
And what made my day yesterday was the incredable ending of "The Usual Suspects", great movie.
back to my gratitude, Shiksa, i tip my hat to you, though it is actually somwhere about 7 feet above my head an maybe a little to the right since its hanging on the chair in my room. anyways i must be going, so auvoir to all!

Dag Out!

March 3, 2008

Baseball, huh...

so get this, i actually joined baseball, come to think of it i may have mentioned that earlier but i can't remember, anyway this is an increadible break from my normal customs, but hey, i don't have much else to do :D Today was our first practice and i rediscovered something that i have known for some time but tend to forget, RUNNING SUCKS! but other than that it was okay, we did some basic drills in the gym and i was instructed on the right way to throw and catch and field the ball. perhaps with some practice i might make an alright player, and seeing as we only have about 12 guys on the team there is an excellent chance that i will actually get a good deal of time on the field, which is part of the reason i joined, it would be great if i got enough time to letter this year so i could wear one of them spiffy jackets :D plus i didn't want to grow up and have to tell my kid, "Yes son, i went through high school too, didn't really do much, just got up too early and dredged my way through classes. You could say that i was kinda just there to learn what was really needed for me too get a job, which ironically is all school is meant to do. Now you run along son and try not to turn out like me." lol
i was a huffin and a puffin through those drills, if i'm not careful, this baseball thing could actually get me into shape. which reminds me of a friend of mine's shirt, it says "I'm in Shape" below in smaller letters it says "round is a shape" :D
Dag out!

February 29, 2008

"It turns out humans are social animals after all. And that ability to suffer fools, to tolerate annoyance, that's literally the one single thing that allows you to function in a world populated by other people who aren't you. Otherwise, you turn emo. Science has proven it. "

from, thanks to you Bravo :D

February 28, 2008

so i had this great idea on the bus today, i was thinking about DNA and the Human Genome Project or whatever that thing is called and i got on about mutations and of the like so i thought, if scientists are willing to devote all this time to single strands of DNA, why not start young, like right after birth so there is minimal time for the body to mutate to environmental conditions, from there the person could be tracked, with regular samplings like a quick mouth swab. with such a backlog of samples you could theoretically track most of the major mutations of the body to some extent, then if a certain condition is noticed in a person being tracked, the scientist could say,"hmm, well if the cancer has been developing for 1 month, we can backtrack to last months sample, and sort out all that months mutations, seeing as there are only 3 billion genes that could mutate, so they narrow it down to 3 mutations, 2 of which were already categorized and , VIOLA! we've cured cancer!

okay Daum, here's the part where you throw some incredible knowledge in my face that proves my idea to be redundant and or silly. go on, flaunt your intelligence so i can run to a corner and vent my frustration drawing bad stick figure comics that i will then refuse to make a webcomic of, so HA!

February 26, 2008

so somebody just told me the other day that absinthe is now legal in the US. when did that happen! or did it? this is another one of those really odd posts that crops up every once in a while that doesn't really have to do with anything, oh well.

February 25, 2008

Con't from Dreamweaver

Read my last post first or this won't make sense,
so then the shot zooms in to me and my pal as we load up on grenades that looked oddly like a wine cooler where the top pops of to detonate. Another Visual Aid:

and in the next shot is what i believe is called a cowboy duck in movie making, there is a shot, a different shot, then quick switch back to first shot but actor has by then ducked into the picture from offscreen for cheap scare tactic, A last visual aid:

alls asudden they were everywhere, i tried to take them out with a Flash/Bang but i was too late, my friend never had a chance :( I don't know if i survived or not because i woke up again and had to go to school.
And today i fell asleep after school and had a dream that i was walking around in Titusville and we were just walkin and then my friends left and i was just walkin along, then i came to a place that was kinda like a parkinglot that would be behind the Kwik Fill but it was a house and a car pulled up and out stepped two guys that i thought i recognized from school that graduated like 2 years ago and the one see me ands like hey, i said hi and he said something like "Whens anything going to happen dude?" and i was like i don't know. and then two more cars pulled up and were full of college students and they were all excited and had stuff to do and everything and i just walked away... it was kindof depressing.


So in the last two nights i've had some pretty weird dreams, I had just got my copy of GameInformer which had a big cover article on a new game being made by Gearbox, Aliens: Colonial Marines, plot goes back to the original movie's style, just after the occurances of the movie with some insane graphics to back it up, so i go to sleep and at some point i find myself with this guy on some barren outpost that i soon discover to be infested with Aliens, and as an added party bonus: we have no weapons... ah crap. so there is this large fence on the outside of the main compound thingy that i find i can vault over with cool acrobatic skillz, this however proves that it was a dream due to my apparant lack of fence jumpin acrobatedness. but i must be careful as there are aliens all over, and as i prepare to vault the fence (it seems i did this many times for some reason :D) i see one comin', oh no! so i stop and run back a little to this metal thing that looked oddly like my dining room table, so i crouch underneath it in a familiar way, the alien come right down the side of it, turns right alongside the part where i am and starts walking past, but then it bumps its shoulder on me and jumps back, i had no choice but to take action, I LEAP OUT AT THE MONSTER, GRAB IT BY THE ARMS, AND AS IT TRIES TO KILL ME WITH IT'S SECOND MOUTH THING, I SHOVE IT'S OWN ARM INTO IT'S GAPING MAW!

the thing can't stop attacking so it devours it's own arm, then i do the same thing to the other arm and the acid blood it burning it's face off even though it should be invulnerable to it. at that point i woke up, scared out of my wits :) so i fall back to sleep and the dream morphs as dreams are apt to do, now the aliens are vampires, but i'm in the same compound and the guy from the beginning is still there. and FINALLY we have some weapons, the dreams switch from a wide angle shot of me and friend standing over 3 crates of different kinds of grenades (our only weapon so far) with an empty hanger like room in the backround. A Visual Aid:

February 18, 2008


poor cory, the roads were bad all weekend, then yesterday my friend (Cory) was driving along in his truck, crashed and ended up somewhat sideways as i hear it. he said his radiator is totally shot and his front axle is bent, poor guy :(

February 17, 2008

Like a lion kills an Antelope,
Like a hammer hits a Cantelope...
how do you all like my new avi? :D

February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Whose big idea was this holiday anyway?!

February 10, 2008

stupid mind, never shuts up...

you may not understand, but i said something i probly shouldn't have, and now i'm just hoping my girlfriend doesn't die her hair purple... :D

February 6, 2008

that be a link a series of movies about a stick figure ninja called xiao xiao by his creator and alternately Crazy Jay the Ninja, and i must say that they are HILARIOUS! you should definetly check them out if you haven't before :)
heres one for you liza, found it as somebody's avi,

February 4, 2008


right, so i'm sickish now, but sortof not, my body doesn't know which way to choose, so i've been taking lots of vitamin complex pills (which i pride myself in my ability to down them without water:D ) not much else to report other than that, and lets try once more to post a pic for Aliza...

January 30, 2008

i had something great to post the other day but i forgot what it was. anyways, i got Star Wars Republic Commando up and running on the store computer and it is awesome! very much the coolness. i also finally beat the introductory level of MGS3 then sat for a half hour watching cutscene after cutscene while Aliza was on the phone. i didn't talk much. Aliza isn't very happy with me because of that. In fact, i think that she actually hung up on me, which doesn't happen very often without my consent. i'm so confused :)

January 19, 2008

oh what to do, what to doooo...

rights about now i feel like fixing the scratches on my copy of Knights of the Old Republic and actually getting past the first level, specially since i have a wireless mouse now, and i really need to send Aliza some of my pics. now that i have a digital camera, and i sortof want to beat that level of Metal Gear Solid 3 that i started, since i got my new gamer's chair (which i must say is wicked awesome, 2 four inch speakers right next to my head, bass and rumble in the seat so i can feel the gunshots, and so comfortable for long gaming excursions. and yet here i am with nothing to do and noone to do it with, which brings up another topic, i want to go on a roadtrip, or take a vacation, or even a sabaticle, just cuz it sounds cool, but to go somewhere cool and exciting, without, eh... most of the family, or maybe some friends, and specially with me girlfriend, to somewhere, for more than a day or two, cuz thats never enough, and nowhere that has anything to do with work, because everything seems tied back to that somehow, like the trip to Illinois a couple years ago, which just happened to double as a buisness trip to a furniture distributor. Europe, thats it, i'll go to europe, visit Ireland because its that darn cool, and Scotland for the bagpipes, and Wales cuz it has a funny name, (is Wales a separate country from England, i dunno?) and then England to see all that, and the silly unmoving cliche guards with the funny hats that keeps them from getting gobbled up by Big Notsofriendly Giants (they taste like hats) and to just walk through the country side on a quaint little dirt road, climb through a hedgerow and get kidnapped by crazy scientists and ride in a big steel ball to mars and back again... meet Deemers at last, btw, if you ever read this Deemers, i have been having difficulty emailing you, did you change your address? drop me a line. anyway, i need a change... meet Cristopher Loyd maybe, if he's still alive, or Hugh Laurie, watch a race and see what all the fuss is about driving in circles :) or just hang out with somebody i've never met before and never will again, that would be cool, if the guy was cool too. man, this is a long post. freedom, theres the word, you know, i was in Gamestop buying forementioned Metal Gear Solid game and it is rated M (17 yrs. +) so i go to the counter and the guy asks for some ID and Melissa whips out her drivers license with a flourish (okay, thats just in my mind but thats beside the point) before i could i could get my permit out, so i ask the guy if a non photo permit would have worked anyway since it does have my date of birth on it, and he says yes, but wait he'll ask, and the shift manager says maybe, since it is state issue, but then again maybe not... so it's left undecided and Melissa insists that it's a negative, but i still feel like i'm oh so close to the littlest bit of freedom, but just that little bit too far away for it to really count, and i can't get my drivers license if i can't pay for my insurance, and i can't pay for my insurance without an actual job, and i can't get a real job with every other bit of my freetime spent at the store, and i can't get the cushy job right next door that i wanted because i hesitated during the summer because it was a night job and the store is a mostly day job that laps over into a night job with suprising frequency, and this hesitation left the job open for my cousin to take, and a friend to get the next dibs in. and now i'm falling apart, my ankles sore from who knows what, there's something going on with my hip that is disturbing and seems like it makes my leg start to cramp up when i try to move differently than normal, the left part of my jaw sortof tightens up sometimes, i have a big bump/bruiselike thing on my right shin from two and a half weeks ago when me and Tyler Clark kicked each other in gym, and i'll probably paralyse myself sometime soon because i've taken the habit of cracking my neck... and i'm 17. i sound like my grandpa. i don't know, well i guess thats enough complaints for one post.

January 4, 2008


you know, i'm just lying here and thinkin, and i still can't get over the whole european pub thing, i mean, i just doesn't add up. there you go to a pub at almost my age if i remember right, everybody in town gets drunk, and goes awaddlin back home singing a funny song. here, only the saddest of the sad and 2osome year olds who still don't know whats goin on go, get drunk, then get arrested/kill somebody. somethin just ain't right, and i don't know what it is. why am i even typing this?

Poor Dave

Another beauty, i'm not quite sure what i was thinking about when i made this but i think it might have had something to do with XKCD and the Black hatted guy, and the last frame had something to do with the poor squire from Monty Python's Jaberwock :D

more pics...

i was up late at night and felt like making something so i created this work of art, feel free to copy it, sell it and donate all proceeds back to me so i can reroute them to several honourable charities, such as the Save the Brents Foundation, which ensures the comfort and security of the Brent race, or the Buy Brent a New MP3 Player Fund, to give the gift of music to poor Brents everywhere, or the Pay for Brents Car Insurance Trust, ensuring that aging Brents will retain their mobility without degrading themselves to riding a bike to work. So get out there and sell, and think of all the happiness your contribution will bring to Brent.