February 15, 2010

So i've been without my own computer for some time now and its really starting to bother me. constantly having to re-input every username, every password, manually look up every comic i follow, always on a shared computer and tied to a lab somewhere with uncomfortable seats. plus no favorites list. and my wireless mouse is (assumedly) still in the possesion of a person i met once, i don't know the exact location of my thumbdrive once again, and i'm supposed to be up in 4 hours to get ready for class, yet here i am posting on my blag because i feel bad for not being on here for months. Theres not a lot I can come up with content-wise to upload, no funny pictures taken lately, i haven't drawn anything in months, and i'm really tired. on the plus side, i have a freezer full of hot pockets and chicken patties. thats about it for now i guess. as a side note, a small faction in my hall is looking for a DM, i've asked around the gamer's club, but i'm just wondering if any of you would have any advice on how i should proceed. note here that i'm looking to you as the ones who have gone before, the wise, the elders, so bask in your accomplishments and look on me with understanding o' knowledgable ones.
and a little one word foreshadowing: tazers
Dag out.