January 11, 2009

Warning: Firefly Fan

so i was looking for a movie to rent and a cover catches my eye. i stop, read the title, read it again, then start jumping up and down and perhaps squeeling quietly, i don't remember. anyways i finally found the movie Serenity, rented it, got home, watched it, watched the bonus features, watched it again with commentary, and am now posting at 3 am. in total, IT WAS AMAZING, WHY DID WASH HAVE TO DIE!!? I UNDERSTAND THAT WASH HAD TO DIE. WHAT DID SIMON INJECT MAL WITH IN THE BEGINNING OF THE MOVIE, WHY WASN'T SHEPARD BOOK IN IT MORE. WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO THE BLUE GLOVES. HOW IS IT THAT REAVERS make new reavers?(i remember an episode where one victim became a reaver, but how did it happen? the movie sites a drug, but how could contact with the reavers cause the body to manufacture a complex chemical?) why isn't there more of this, how could FOX (the company) be so stupid. BAH, SO GOOD! and the music, i love the mix that it is made of, and at the very end of the credits, the theme, which i was waiting for the whole movie.

also, i got my varsity jacket friday, so maybe if i'm feeling crazy i'll post some pics.

Dag out!

January 5, 2009

oh, hai

are you serious? Nov. 16 was my last post, okay thats just lame on my part.
where to start, um, vacation i guess. it was possibly the longest Christmas vacation i've ever had and that was good. the not having much to do part? not so good.
Christmas and New years was nice but mellow, which was just fine by me. after that i FINALLY got some time with my gf, which was long overdue. we watched Yes Man, which was very funny, then walked around the mall as it was closing. standing in fye and hearing the sound of a gate closing behind you = ominous. so after walking UNAUTHORIZED through an authorized personnel only hallway :D we got some arby's, drove home, found a light, decided whether the water was frozen or not, and all was great. sunday rolls around, was slated to work at a live nativity, but wait what's this, my friends want me to go to their house to play Call of Duty multiplayer with them and get out of going with the family for the rest of the night? SWEET! and then i totally pwned them in the 2 on 1 matches (they with rifles, me with PPSH, thems the rules) that was pure awesome. now its back to school for this poor fool.