March 27, 2008

something positive at least

i've only just today caught up reading the Girl Genious comic. its only description,
its so funny, i've been reading it for two and a half weeks now, practically nonstop :D oh what a shame i now have to wait a week for 3 pages to be posted :) and yet it will be totally worth it.
guess what everybody, life sucks...

that is all.

March 17, 2008

you know you're a really sad and bored person when, while waiting for a game informer article about cosplay, and a stick figure animated fight to load, you begin making a song with the clicks of your mouse scrolling wheel, and then there's the definative sign that there is no help for you when your song morphs into the Imperial March...

somebody shoot me, please... preferably with a D-17, just because they're cool and it would be somewhat ironic

March 16, 2008

made me laugh

"Technicalities are for engineers, Alyss"

from The Looking Glass Wars: Seeing Redd

new pic

March 12, 2008

ah, gratitude

I was just checking out my usual run, and was looking at the shiksa's site, and lo and behold, in her list of daily web pages is one titled "Dag's Place"
If there was a smiley on blogger showing the excitement of a 17 yr old boy it would be right here.

That just made my day :)
And what made my day yesterday was the incredable ending of "The Usual Suspects", great movie.
back to my gratitude, Shiksa, i tip my hat to you, though it is actually somwhere about 7 feet above my head an maybe a little to the right since its hanging on the chair in my room. anyways i must be going, so auvoir to all!

Dag Out!

March 3, 2008

Baseball, huh...

so get this, i actually joined baseball, come to think of it i may have mentioned that earlier but i can't remember, anyway this is an increadible break from my normal customs, but hey, i don't have much else to do :D Today was our first practice and i rediscovered something that i have known for some time but tend to forget, RUNNING SUCKS! but other than that it was okay, we did some basic drills in the gym and i was instructed on the right way to throw and catch and field the ball. perhaps with some practice i might make an alright player, and seeing as we only have about 12 guys on the team there is an excellent chance that i will actually get a good deal of time on the field, which is part of the reason i joined, it would be great if i got enough time to letter this year so i could wear one of them spiffy jackets :D plus i didn't want to grow up and have to tell my kid, "Yes son, i went through high school too, didn't really do much, just got up too early and dredged my way through classes. You could say that i was kinda just there to learn what was really needed for me too get a job, which ironically is all school is meant to do. Now you run along son and try not to turn out like me." lol
i was a huffin and a puffin through those drills, if i'm not careful, this baseball thing could actually get me into shape. which reminds me of a friend of mine's shirt, it says "I'm in Shape" below in smaller letters it says "round is a shape" :D
Dag out!