August 31, 2008

quote o' teh day

so i'm at teh shiksa's, and we're watching the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, towards the end, shiksa says of Sean Connery's character, "Yeah, i adopted an American. I'm not really sure what came over me. I'm pretty sure i was dying at the time."

the hilarity was, well it was funny, okay.

August 25, 2008

Something ain't right


that is the number of nosebleeds i've had in the last month, and even though they are getting progressively less bloody, i can't help but wonder why i am getting them so often

August 22, 2008

Alright, a return to the random stuff i'm thinking at the moment list:

i'm never going to finish my dragon sketch, BLAST!
my guess is that this is because i'm lazy
its SO nice having half the people in my house gone for 4 days
within 6 seconds of sighting him, dad can totally kill my happy mood
"Gone with the Blastwave" though short is a hilarious comic
insurance commercials are weird
ripping quotes from movies is awesome
pencil scans terribly
ripping quotes from firefly is awesomer, though more difficult for me
in the four days my parents were gone, we ate few proper meals, and i lost around 7 pounds :D
Buck Godot makes me mad when it doesn't update at midnight, and i'm starting to think this is a bad thing
okay, i had a third unprovoked nosebleed yesterday, in like 2 weeks, definately thinking thats a bad thing
watching the olympics in a foriegn country would be crazy cool
dirty rotten scoundrels was a funny movie
3:34 am, and its about time for bed, badly needed
night everybody

Dag out!

August 20, 2008


USA just won gold in beach volleyball, so yay us :D i'll bet me Liza was watching that too :P

August 18, 2008


i begin to tire of people telling me that they heard the original song that Werewolves of London is a parody of on the radio.
amazing, even in my dream, teh shiksa shows up and hits me with some brilliant sarcasm that doesn't even make sense anymore, something like playing golf with thirteen year olds and not even paying cuz i'm on the golf team!

August 14, 2008

Table Tennis is for Wussies...

okay, new pic. there you all go.
i actually wanted to put something into the background of the last frame but i just didn't have the time and i wanted to post it quick.
Dag out!

August 11, 2008

the other day me and my sister were driving along, and somehow the conversation got on about geeks, and though i tried to describe my self image to her, she simply refused to agree that i am a geek, though i do display some geekish tendencies. I think that her base of argument is that i don't fit the frail, palid, mousy stereotype she sees geeks as being. now i'm not saying i am a hands down geek, but would i be blogging about this if i didn't have just a little geekiness? anyways, i was IMing with Nojim, and when he heard of this he said "Which sister", i said Melissa, and he said "Lol, she doesn't count"

I busted up :D

Dag out!

The Zombie Hunters

okay, i don't know if i'm reposting this or if i've just mentioned it to some of you, but if you like webcomics and zombies, this is for you. even if you don't like zombies, you should really check this out, the author is an increadible artist, i'm addicted to her DA stuff, and the comic has me begging for Monday to come again.

and if you like that AND Firefly, you will enjoy this...

August 10, 2008

such a great song

so i'm reading the comments to a picture on Deviant Art and one of the sigs. said "you can't take the sky from me" and i was like, AHHHHHHHHHH FIREFLY!

its so great that i now understand and feel a connection to that, just the ability to say, i know what that means :D

August 9, 2008


Russia and Georgia are fighting over a breakaway region, and nobody i've talked to seems to know it. THIS IS CRAZY, ITS A BIG DEAL MAN! and i can't even rightly complain, because theres nothing i will do about it. blast

August 8, 2008

so much blood....

worstest nosebleed of my life.

i was trying to make a bowl of cereal and my nose felt funny, so i rubbed it and it just started flowing, filled up my hand, ran to the bathroom and turned all the water in the toilet red, not just a thin red tint but a real dark "blood" red, took like 5 minutes to stop it. largest bloodletting i've had in quite a while and it came from tiny vessels in my nose, imagine that :(

sigh, at least thats the worst of my problems, and i almost wrecked the boxtruck yesterday because dad kept messing with the radio and i was real tired of oldies :)