June 13, 2008

I'm just trying to save some fuel!

just to clear something up, there was gas in the car the whole time, thats the joke...

June 11, 2008



Yes, it is true, i have now taken on the infamous mantle of THE GODFATHER!
Fear me if you dare...

June 8, 2008


noone has posted a comment on like any of our blogs for a week or two now, it's just kinda odd :shrugs:

June 7, 2008

what a day...

i woke up at about 6 this morning and got ready to go take my SAT's, caught a ride with Jay, Tanner, and Cymina to Oil City, sat in the cafeteria for 6 hours taking the stupid test, finally finish the test and we pile back into Jay's car. a friend of ours is following us out and we're in a big line of traffic all coming out of the parking lot. I just happened to have some scooby snacks on hand so i ate some and offered some to the others, cymina took some and jay said yeah, so he reaches into the bag and pulls out a big clump of scooby snacks and while he's trying to get them apart *BANG* my calculator which was behind my head on the speaker mount flies past my head and into my hand, which just as an aside was pretty cool, i look up and there's a jeep right there, we rear-ended some guy because he stopped instead of just pulling out onto the road. not much happened to the jeep but the front of jay's car was pretty beat up, the bumper just slid under the jeep so the hood took the brunt, it was all kinked up and the radiator was pushed back, the right headlight was smashed with glass all over the place and for some reason, Tanner's door ceased to function so he had to climb out the window General Lee style. fortunetly everyone was pretty cool about it, we were just sitting there laughing till Beth came with a back-up. As we drove down the hill back into Oil City itself, some big truck with a crane on it skipped over a curb while making a turn and we were like, "wouldn't that just top it off if it tipped and crushed us." so we go to mcdonald's order, cymina picks up a salt shaker and the bottom falls out, getting salt all over the place. then taylor who was working at Haller's sends Cymina a text message that says "I think you might be getting fired Coco" and that was it, when we got back to jay's house Taylor filled us in, the night before, Kenda left the freezer door open all night, all the food went bad and the freezer blew itself up trying to keep up with the heat, so she got fired and the owner was mad and said something about firing Cymina too, but it might just have been him ranting. but it was just a beautiful day :D

June 4, 2008

Sudden Revelations

okay, so i'm reading scary go round, and think something about squiggles, which for some reason changed into Squidward, which of course brought about a quick rendition of Patrick singing "I'm Squidward, I'm Squidward, I'm Squidward, Squidward, Squidward!" and suddenly there it was, as i laughed i said "oh, my kid is going to HATE me!" :headdesk:

and now i have a new label :D

June 1, 2008

I hate it when this happens


this always happens to me, even just today i fell asleep on the couch and had two different incredible dreams, but i can only remember little snippets of it. i was on the run from some sort of oppressive new government somewhere in england i think, and i set up some mocking banners over a highway, jumped a guardrail, hid in some bushes, stealthily crossed a field, down to a river, but there was some kind of animals there and i knew that they would alert the government that i was there, so i ran back up the hill, and into some sort of building. and there was some sort of light and so i duck down into a little row like thing and there was people there, and i realize its a movie theatre. so of course i have to act natural, don't want to attract attention because we're talking "Fahrenheit 451" kind of society here, if anyone recognized me from a wanted poster or something, they would surely turn me in. then someone next to me said my name, and it was my friend taylor! so i'm trying to get him to be quiet so poeple don't know its me, and he's all like, suprised to see me and how good i look because i've been active and on the run for so long and i look all rugged and cool sorta "Hatchet" style. all this while i'm thinking i gotta get outta here, because a movie theatre is the most cliche place to be caught trying to hide, and thats all i can remember about that one, the next one was weird about exploring this haunted castle where some kind of wraith king kind of thing lived and we were searching for some treasure or something and it was really weird. but i really wish that we could record dreams like on that Final Fantasy movie, the first one that flopped, it was called the spirit within or something like that. that would be cool :D