June 6, 2009

Catch up...

okay, i haven't posted for so long because i've been insanely busy lately, but now i have a moment and we can try to fill in the gap.

let's see, the trip to Washington was wonderful, with some minor disappointments.
sweet monuments
free smart car trolley rides
appearing in the hotel lobby and the Pentagon Mall in my Jedi outfit.
Arlington and the Changing of the Gaurd
free Einstein bagels
free games in the ESPN zone
free stuff in general
the zoo
the hotel and everything about it, it was small, there were too many of us per room, the tv was too old to play our xbox, the expensive adapter that we bought would have worked if the idiot maintenance staff would have let me use the coaxial cable that they had offered me earlier (their excuse was "it would break the smartcard, BS!"), they were "out" of pillows, then a girl from our class (hi coco, sorry to use oasis's name but i have to speak in code) got a cot by speaking spanish to a maid, and when one of the guys from our room asked for a cot, they said "we don't offer cots here", and the free wireless internet that was advertised outside would have required either a king suite or 10 dollars a day. it was just a crappy hotel altogether.

Graduation will be covered in the next post.