February 29, 2008

"It turns out humans are social animals after all. And that ability to suffer fools, to tolerate annoyance, that's literally the one single thing that allows you to function in a world populated by other people who aren't you. Otherwise, you turn emo. Science has proven it. "

from cracked.com, thanks to you Bravo :D

February 28, 2008

so i had this great idea on the bus today, i was thinking about DNA and the Human Genome Project or whatever that thing is called and i got on about mutations and of the like so i thought, if scientists are willing to devote all this time to single strands of DNA, why not start young, like right after birth so there is minimal time for the body to mutate to environmental conditions, from there the person could be tracked, with regular samplings like a quick mouth swab. with such a backlog of samples you could theoretically track most of the major mutations of the body to some extent, then if a certain condition is noticed in a person being tracked, the scientist could say,"hmm, well if the cancer has been developing for 1 month, we can backtrack to last months sample, and sort out all that months mutations, seeing as there are only 3 billion genes that could mutate, so they narrow it down to 3 mutations, 2 of which were already categorized and , VIOLA! we've cured cancer!

okay Daum, here's the part where you throw some incredible knowledge in my face that proves my idea to be redundant and or silly. go on, flaunt your intelligence so i can run to a corner and vent my frustration drawing bad stick figure comics that i will then refuse to make a webcomic of, so HA!

February 26, 2008

so somebody just told me the other day that absinthe is now legal in the US. when did that happen! or did it? this is another one of those really odd posts that crops up every once in a while that doesn't really have to do with anything, oh well.

February 25, 2008

Con't from Dreamweaver

Read my last post first or this won't make sense,
so then the shot zooms in to me and my pal as we load up on grenades that looked oddly like a wine cooler where the top pops of to detonate. Another Visual Aid:

and in the next shot is what i believe is called a cowboy duck in movie making, there is a shot, a different shot, then quick switch back to first shot but actor has by then ducked into the picture from offscreen for cheap scare tactic, A last visual aid:

alls asudden they were everywhere, i tried to take them out with a Flash/Bang but i was too late, my friend never had a chance :( I don't know if i survived or not because i woke up again and had to go to school.
And today i fell asleep after school and had a dream that i was walking around in Titusville and we were just walkin and then my friends left and i was just walkin along, then i came to a place that was kinda like a parkinglot that would be behind the Kwik Fill but it was a house and a car pulled up and out stepped two guys that i thought i recognized from school that graduated like 2 years ago and the one see me ands like hey, i said hi and he said something like "Whens anything going to happen dude?" and i was like i don't know. and then two more cars pulled up and were full of college students and they were all excited and had stuff to do and everything and i just walked away... it was kindof depressing.


So in the last two nights i've had some pretty weird dreams, I had just got my copy of GameInformer which had a big cover article on a new game being made by Gearbox, Aliens: Colonial Marines, plot goes back to the original movie's style, just after the occurances of the movie with some insane graphics to back it up, so i go to sleep and at some point i find myself with this guy on some barren outpost that i soon discover to be infested with Aliens, and as an added party bonus: we have no weapons... ah crap. so there is this large fence on the outside of the main compound thingy that i find i can vault over with cool acrobatic skillz, this however proves that it was a dream due to my apparant lack of fence jumpin acrobatedness. but i must be careful as there are aliens all over, and as i prepare to vault the fence (it seems i did this many times for some reason :D) i see one comin', oh no! so i stop and run back a little to this metal thing that looked oddly like my dining room table, so i crouch underneath it in a familiar way, the alien come right down the side of it, turns right alongside the part where i am and starts walking past, but then it bumps its shoulder on me and jumps back, i had no choice but to take action, I LEAP OUT AT THE MONSTER, GRAB IT BY THE ARMS, AND AS IT TRIES TO KILL ME WITH IT'S SECOND MOUTH THING, I SHOVE IT'S OWN ARM INTO IT'S GAPING MAW!

the thing can't stop attacking so it devours it's own arm, then i do the same thing to the other arm and the acid blood it burning it's face off even though it should be invulnerable to it. at that point i woke up, scared out of my wits :) so i fall back to sleep and the dream morphs as dreams are apt to do, now the aliens are vampires, but i'm in the same compound and the guy from the beginning is still there. and FINALLY we have some weapons, the dreams switch from a wide angle shot of me and friend standing over 3 crates of different kinds of grenades (our only weapon so far) with an empty hanger like room in the backround. A Visual Aid:

February 18, 2008


poor cory, the roads were bad all weekend, then yesterday my friend (Cory) was driving along in his truck, crashed and ended up somewhat sideways as i hear it. he said his radiator is totally shot and his front axle is bent, poor guy :(

February 17, 2008

Like a lion kills an Antelope,
Like a hammer hits a Cantelope...
how do you all like my new avi? :D

February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Whose big idea was this holiday anyway?!

February 10, 2008

stupid mind, never shuts up...

you may not understand, but i said something i probly shouldn't have, and now i'm just hoping my girlfriend doesn't die her hair purple... :D

February 6, 2008


that be a link a series of movies about a stick figure ninja called xiao xiao by his creator and alternately Crazy Jay the Ninja, and i must say that they are HILARIOUS! you should definetly check them out if you haven't before :)
heres one for you liza, found it as somebody's avi,

February 4, 2008


right, so i'm sickish now, but sortof not, my body doesn't know which way to choose, so i've been taking lots of vitamin complex pills (which i pride myself in my ability to down them without water:D ) not much else to report other than that, and lets try once more to post a pic for Aliza...