May 31, 2008

anyways, forgot about what i was posting bout. i did enjoy the last book, but i felt that too many questions were left unanswered, like what happens to the dudleys, or Hermione's parents, how did they get Gryffindor's sword back from the goblins, who's side were the spiders actually on, and what was the thing under the chair in limbo? and it is sad that the series is over, though i really can't see Rowling holding on to the story too tightly, something is bound to happen, even after all this buisiness of her suing her fan for publishing his guide or however that all went.

May 29, 2008

Late Nights...

... with Harry Potter! well, i finally got my hands on the last harry potter book and started reading it on Monday night, lets say 8 or 9ish o'clock. it read well, and before i knew it i heard a bird singing outside, i looked over and was like, OH CRAP! I love pulling all nighters, but i had to get up for school in like 10 minutes, so i go downstairs, into the bathroom, nice thoughts about the future and how i'm going to be so cool, and everything was cheery and in increadable detail. the whole way to school. and what might come onto the mp3 player as we approached the school? THE IMPERIAL MARCH! i was like " HAHA! PERFECT!" and it played the whole way to my locker :D That evening i came home and went upstairs, was out like a light. i slept for the rest of the night, through dinner, and till 6 the next morning, went to school and felt like crap. and of course that night i stayed up again for hours till 6 rolled around again, heard birds, saw lights and was like I DID IT AGAIN! once again went downstairs was real happy, beautiful day on the ride to school. Got to Mr. Hartwig's history class and his review for our final on the Israeli-Arabic conflicts had my head nodding so violently that he told me to try to not break my neck. it was so hard to stay awake through that! anyway, by 6, i had 1 page to go to finish number seven which i still haven't done. but not bad i thought, 750 odd pages in two all nighters, eh?

i'm all outa ideas for good pics. i don't think i really liked this one. oh well

May 25, 2008


Melissa is stupid

what happened?!

so mandy bought some PS2 game called Singstar and brought it to our house so we've spent the whole day making complete idiots of ourselves. sigh :D

May 22, 2008


i say sorry to teh shiksa for cutting off our conv. our phone has a stupidly placed on/off button that is very easily pushed. i was quite enjoying that too :(

May 20, 2008

who knew what an extended abscense from the blogging scene and a boring schedule could do to a guy.

May 12, 2008

sorry i haven't been posting lately, but i've been kinda busy lately, like on saturday, me and my friends Tanner and Jay were at the Dam all morning building fish habitats for our NHS community service project, i'll try to post pics, but of course they probably won't work. The work consisted of making 500 pound structures to dump to the bottom of the lake for fish to live in, made by nailing planks together to form a base, putting the base on a boat, loading the base with 8 cement blocks, then nailing the finished top to the base, and as the boat sped off to drop off its cargo, another boat was right there to take it's place, so we were pretty busy the whole time. we made 20 habitats in all, and it took 1 1/2 hours. they were expecting us to take 4 hours to finish it! huzza for efficiency :D