October 4, 2008

Last night...

fell asleep on the couch last night and had a great dream, after a slightly fuzzy shootout/confederate penny throwing fight in an old western town, i settled back to my own town. Here, i rode around on a mini 4-wheeler that had no breaks for some reason, and can't remember to what purpose. Eventually, me and my dad went down to the field behind my house that became occupied by a small trailor park somehow, and were talking to some old guy (which was taken from a previous dream i believe) and three about my age came by. They seemed kind of from the Punk-ish persuation, and i followed them. At the road leading east, we met up with other kids and we all had rollerskates on. So we skated onward, effortlessly taking the hills and grass trails that seemed to take the place of roads i know in stride. eventually we came to a small town, of which i could see a school, old fashioned storefronts, and a mcdonalds!(once i woke up i equated this town with the town from Gilmore Girls for some reason) one of the kids happened to be an old friend, who bought me a sandwiche at mcdonalds since i didn't have my wallet with me. and suddenly, there was this little world so close to home that i could reach within seconds ( i'm a fast biker in my dreams) that offered the town experience that i never got, and i was like *happy dance* Eventually i was at a house that we had previously unloaded and new people had moved into, and was salting the steps to the porch off when i heard these other kids plotting on another kid (i think the other kid was from the group i found the town with) and for reasons i can't remember, the leader girl of the plotters was pulled off the steps into the snow(by me, i think she was threatening my with some kind of plastic stick and saying i had it easy, i dunno) and the other girl and boy who also had these plastic sticks were on either side of my, and it turns into an epic fight where i show off my martial prowess by disarming the boy and fighting the girl with the boys plastic stick. She was a much more capable opponent, but i won in the end (suprise!) and thats about where it ended. And thus ends my last dream as a seventeen year old. W0OT!

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