April 20, 2007


Happy last 10 minutes of 4:20 everyone! :D


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I was going to refrain from commenting, but since you asked, you get the full reply.

No, in actual fact, I don't find tired old drug humor amusing. It's boring. Following Sturgeon's Law, 98% of drug users are boring, self-absorbed, self-centered, blindingly dull people. (The other 2% become rock stars and edgy comedians). In the 60's and 70's people used drugs to try and expand their horizons and open their minds to new ideas and experiences, alongside other methods of learning more and experiencing other ways of life. When they got a little older, most put it aside in order to move on to the next stage of their lives.
Today, drug users, especially ones into dope, are people seeking an escape from reality, a reason to remain ignorant and stupid and to stay away from change in their lives and outlooks. They don't read, don't explore, and aren't interested in learning new things. They use drugs to remain in a stupor, insulated from the outside world by a hazy high used to support their own ignorance. They're harmless, for the most part, but they have no interest in bettering themselves as people, or living a life that's useful for themselves and others. They're basically opting out of their own lives and potential. I have absolutely no time for people like that. Life is far too short to put up with people who don't give a shit about anyone but themselves and anything but their own pleasures. It's not comical, it's unbelievably boring.

(Oh, and the reason that your teachers trot out that little, "Marijuana is a gateway drug, " tidbit when kids in class say it's harmless? It's because when habitual users quit it, it sends them into a severe depression, and in the altered perceptual state users tend to turn to either self-harm, or meth and/or coke to try and self-medicate the depression. Being of an addictive personality already, they get hooked on the meth etc. instead.)