June 24, 2007

The Princess, is she... hot?!

k, so i found this HILARIOUS zelda spoof on you tube. if you watch it, be forewarned, it is fairly perverted and may include some adult themes and launguage. but it's worth it :D

also, i recommend watching any of the Monty Python Flying Circus and Holy Grail scits, done
a la Halo and Halo 2. just look up ,Monty Python How not to be seen halo, and run with it from there, related scits in the bar to the bottom right. HAVE FUN :Dp


Duamuteffe said...

Loom up "Ripping Yarns, " with Michael Palin, and I suggest you start with 'Thompkinson's Schooldays.' Also a bit adult oriented, but no more so than any other Python product.

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