December 24, 2007


well, it's been a long time since i last posted so i have just a little bit to say ;D its Christmas time again and you know what that means, buying presents for 9 other people + the Mooch now. essentially, i went into WalMart with 16 bucks and came out with 2 (which were later spent on the Bean) and i still have 3 people to buy for, and seeing as i have about 13 hrs. to get them something, it will be IOWEYOUS courtesy of the National Bank of Brent (in Brent we trust). of course i got de Shiksa something i would totally buy for myself (and intend to) because i have no idea what she would like, so if i like it in a genre she likes, she should like it due to the transitive property :D at least i hope she does. btw Daum, have you ever played the Command&Conquer series/liked it? cause there is a sweet looking FPS/RTS coming out sometime 2008 (yeah right) called Tiberium, simply by the cover art i was mesmerized "beeeaaauuuutiful..... drool." well, Merry Christmas all, hope you have a great holiday, since it seems that i'll be here at the store for a good portion of the rest of the week ;D
Dag Out!


Duamuteffe said...

The guys were into C&C for a good long time, but once Quake turned up they went more FPS action. Also, one of the British Boys was so good at RTS that they just stopped playing them- he tended to trounce them even in two on one situations. We do play some Total Annihilation now and again; that's one RTS that has never gone stale. There's an update called Supreme Commander which I haven't had a chance to check out yet, but it looks interesting. Nojim and I play a lot of Age of Mythology, as well.

At the moment, my gaming time is mostly taken up by Telltale Games' new series of Sam and Max stuff, though...

Dagdamor said...

SupCom does look increadible, read alot about it, has some inovative scrolling that lets you zoom way in or way out and really HUGE maps, though i think it may be one of those Vista only deals, but don't quote me on that.