February 3, 2007

Mistaken identity

Oh, No, It, Can't, Be,... THERE ARE TWO DAG'S ON BLOGGER.COM!!!!!!!!!!!
I just discovered that another Dag posts here on Blogger.
Credit where credit is due, his blog is at http://dagsplace.blogspot.com/
Also, he has seniority on me by 2 years so respect his site so he doesn't complain bout mine :D
An very strange coincidence that two bloggers with the same name and the same URL would be on the same site, WIERD!


KibitzingShiksa said...

This is hardly an unusual coincidence. I know you'd like to feel special, but blog more and then we'll see. ;)

KibitzingShiksa said...

Love the pic in your info, you Sinfest fan you... :) Just thought the old sis would tag and see how you're doing. Spring play this year?

Dagdamor said...

yes, Bye Bye Birdie!
parody of Elvis going to war.
I get to sing about Ed Sullivan:D

of course i'm a sinfest fan, who wouldn't be.

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